Smart Emissions Reducer Devices Installed Winnebago County Vehicles

April 10, 2012, Rockford, Illinois

Syndicated from WIFR CBS News 23-

8a7037aff947ce12fe5a04274801726fWINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) — Some of our area men in blue will be going green and saving green at the same time.

Some Winnebago County squad cars, utility vehicles and heavy duty vehicles were installed with Smart Emissions Reducers Tuesday. This allows you to go green with the same machine. The county reached a deal with Smart Air Fuel Saver of Illinois to install the emission reducers which also help in fuel efficiency allowing the county to help save the environment right away and help save money in the near future.Winnebago County

This smart device will be tested over a 90 day free trial period. Other areas who have achieved success with the device include the city of West Palm Beach, Florida and the New York City Taxi Commission. The company who installed the devices, Extreme Energy Solutions, from Ogdensburg, NJ, says that after the 90 day trial program, if the County feels they are comfortable with the results, they can continue to purchase the devices. In the event the County does not see results, then the devices are returned to Extreme Energy Solutions without any risk to the County.

We caught up with the Company’s CEO, Samuel Burlum, who was on site to facilitate his team that performed the installs. Burlum offered this, “We appreciate the opportunity to work with Winnebago County, and commend them on taking a chance on this new technology. I will work hard to assure the program’s success.”


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