There’s Energy For Everyone at WGES

June 14, 2012  Washington, DC

Syndicated from Womens Radio-

WomensRadio-logo-280x150Womens Radio is thrilled to be a Media Partner for the upcoming World Green Energy Symposium, which will occur Thursday, June 21st, 2012 at The Washington Post Conference CenterWashington, DC.  Samuel Burlum is the CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., a company that develops, manufactures, installs and services products for environmental and emissions mitigation.  Samuel is an expert on fuel economy and emissions, recognized by his industry, and has testified on such matters at EPA hearings concerning coal fired plants.  He is working on bridging the gap between industry and government to deliver the best affordable alternatives for environmental and emissions mitigation, while opening the door for job creation.  Samuel Burlum will also be a guest speaker on the topic of Green Transportation at the World Green Energy Symposium, and he joins Speak Up! to talk more about what Extreme Energy Solutions is currently doing to assist in achieving long-term results in environmental mitigation, green job creation, and decreasing our stress on energy needs.

Click Here to Attend WGES!


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