Samuel K. Burlum of Extreme Energy Solutions Speaker At World Green Energy Symposium in Washington, DC

WGES LogoJune 24, 2012   OGDENSBURG, NJ

Syndicated from The Alternative Press-

Samuel K. Burlum the CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions was one of the 2012 invited speakers at the World Green Energy Symposium, held in Washington DC at the Washington Post Conference Center on Wednesday and Thursday, June 20 and June 21.

Burlum was one of the keynote speakers during a Thursday afternoon session, “A Discussion on Transportation Solutions – Private Sector”, with Moderator and Panelist Kevin Wells of MBE Services of New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, Burlum, and Akili West, President of Reclamation Energy, LLC, a Hydrogen Fuel Applications company.

Members of Extreme Energy Solutions who attended participated in classes, and discussions during the two days.

Some other speakers and guests in addition to Burlum included: Dee Wallace, Academy Award nominated actress; Al Cole, CBS Radio talk show host for “People of Distinction” and World Green Energy Symposium Communications Director, Opera Performer Frank Basile, who sang the National Anthem, Vincent C. Gray, Mayor of the District of Columbia, and George Davis, professor emeritus of Rutgers University.


During his time at the podium, Burlum considered the challenges that communities are faced with in terms of transportation, and solutions, which may be more progressive in terms of environmentally friendliness and sustainability.

“We must bridge the gap where we are today, and where we want to be,” Burlum said.

One of the challenges, in addition to infrastructure, is the current fuel supply.

“The real source of the problem is not the vehicles, it’s the fuel,” said Burlum.

Burlum gave a nod to innovators who discovered fuel-saving technologies in their own backyards. Burlum said historically some automakers, like Ford, worked closely with “garage innovators”, who helped the big manufacturers develop better gas mileage.

Focusing on fleets and developing technologies within them, Burlum said, is one way to bridge the gap.

Additionally, this enhances job creation, said Burlum. He quoted a figure how for every billion in sales in the green industry, there are 7,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Following the World Green Energy Symposium, Burlum told The Alternative Press, “The World Green Energy Symposium was a great platform to have decision makers, industry professionals, community advocates, and professors IMG_20120621_072321from schools of thought sitting at the same table, discussing key concerns and solutions to environmental and economic stresses that society faces today. Not many forums have an all-inclusion of stakeholders from policy makers to the individuals and entities that must spend the financial resources to meet such initiatives.  Many parties were represented from many environmental and energy perspectives, encompassing green tech and green policy from the top to a local micro level. This complete inclusion allows for our society to consider the right options for the right geographical and demographical reasons. The World Green Energy Symposium also made available the ability for industry to partner together in mitigating technological and customer service challenges, thus providing the best products and services to the clients who engage in green policy practices.”

Click here for more information about World Green Energy Symposium Website.


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