Emission Released by Cars Can be Reduced

June 27, 2012  ROCKFORD

Syndicated from WIFR CBS News 23-

IMG_20120627_142526 Protecting the community is not the only thing on the Rockford Police Department’s mind, they are also working hard to save people money by updating some of their vehicles.

Smart Air Fuel Saver LLC and Extreme Energy Solutions installed a device in a number of detective vehicles and general services vehicles today that reduces emissions released by the car.

While at the same time the device also boosts cars fuel mileage by half a mile per gallon. Cost should not be a worry, the device is expected to pay itself off in less than a year and save municipalities anywhere from three to seven thousand dollars annually.  Larry Robertson, of Smart Air Fuel Saver hopes this is just the first step of many.

“As we move forward one of the big benefits for the children in Rockford that go to school is lower emissions on school buses. That is also in our future to be able to kill emissions on buses that are idling and children having to breathe those emissions as they move forward.”, Roberston.

One day the company hopes that all cars will be made with this feature when they roll of the assembly line. Samuel Burlum, CEO of the Ogdensburg, New Jersey based company, Extreme Energy Solutions, shared his vision of seeing this device become standard equipment on most new vehicles.


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