Rockford testing device that cuts exhaust, raises MPG

June 28, 12   ROCKFORD, IL

Syndicated from Rockford Registered Star-

IMG_20120627_142549The distributor of a new device touted to cut emissions and increase mileage on vehicles is testing the product on city and county vehicles.

Technicians installed 10 Smart Emissions Reducers on city of Rockford vehicles Wednesday at City Yards. Winnebago County has been testing the devices since April.

Larry Robertson of Rockford, of Smart Air Fuel Saver, said the product, which attaches to an engine’s PCV line, breaks down emissions into combustible components and sends them back through the engine.

“It makes the exhaust combustible, which lowers emissions and increases mileage,” Robertson said.

The company said the product, which retails for $521, reduces emissions as much as 50 percent to 90 percent, and increases fuel mileage by up to four miles per gallon.  The parent company, Extreme Energy Solutions, claims results will vary from vehicle to vehicle, and the key form and functionality is that to lower harmful vehicle emissions.

Since this story has aired, City of Rockford has experenced positive results.

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