Extreme Honored with 2013 WGES NOVA Award

March 27, 2013  New York City, NY

DSC_7491The World Green Energy Symposium (WGES) 2013, this year at Hunter College in New York City, offered a reel of environment, technology, energy, and economic experts who hailed from the private sector, government, and educational institutions. The day began with the Opening Ceremony, lead by Frank Basile, Metropolitan Opera Performer, who sang the National Anthem, during the presentation of the American Flag. Professor Robert Gallagher, Executive Chair of the World Green Energy Symposium, welcomed the many attendees and speakers to the event. He also lead in recognizing the efforts of leading entities and/or individuals who are making a significant contribution in improving the quality of life through economic and environmental sustainability.

There are a few people here today who have made a major difference in many people’s lives by addressing environmental concerns,” Gallagher began, “The first person and company I want to recognize is a company who begun in a local garage, taking their talents from the automotive performance industry, and began to put those skills to work in solving one of society’s most pressing concern; mitigating harmful emissions that are result of our use of fossil fuels.”

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., lead by a bright young man, Samuel K. Burlum, their CEO, have developed many solutions to bridge the technology that we are using today, current internal combustion engines powered by gasoline and diesel, including a hardware component that is a simple retrofit, a here and now solution, that will aid toward the transition to the green fuels and vehicles of the future.”

Samuel K. Burlum is the next Steve Jobs, and Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., is the next Apple, but of in the green technology industry,” added Professor Gallagher.

WGES Logo“I am humbled and honored in accepting the NOVA Award on behalf of Extreme Energy Solutions Inc.; on behalf of my staff, my Board of Directors, our shareholders, and our clients alike. As a society we need to accept that some of the best game changing solving solutions can come from smaller entities,” commented Samuel K. Burlum, during the acceptance of the Award, “In forums such as this, policy makers, inventors, individuals from the business community, and people from schools of thought, need to continue to work together so we can bring value back to main street. We commend Professor Gallagher and everyone in attendance today, who have committed themselves in making a difference.”

Following the presentation of the 2013 WGES NOVA Award to Mr. Burlum, was a presentation to a second individual making a difference on another level. Professor Robert Gallagher also presented the 2013 WGES NOVA Award to Father Philip Judge, a priest who instituted a complete sustainability plan within his parish, that took all of the facilities under his direction, in the green direction. This included a solar project, urban garden project, renovations utilizing building materials from recycled materials, and managed to undertake the project without any funding from the Catholic Church Consolidated System.

When asked why Extreme Energy Solutions chosen for the 2013 WGES NOVA Award, Professor Gallagher responded, “Extreme Energy Solutions was chosen on its potential impact on reducing emissions from existing gasoline and diesel engines that currently comprise the majority of vehicles on the road today. The SMART Emissions Reducer is a cost effective retrofit that provides an immediate solution for today’s environmentally conscious consumers that are looking to reduce these harmful emissions while benefiting from better fuel economy.”

Past recipients of the Nova Award have included DOW, Drexel University, and the City of Philadelphia for its GreenWorks Program.

Later Mr. Burlum, lead a panel discussion that served as platform in sharing strategies on taking a grass roots technology into a main stream market. In the presentation, Burlum demonstrated the positive benefits of such grass roots innovations and the impacts they can have on effecting harmful emissions levels, fuel consumption, and job creation. Burlum is no stranger to the WGES Circuit. In 2012 Burlum presented answers for those looking for transportation solutions, and was teed up on a panel discussion with Akili West, President Reclamation Energy LLC, who together offered a back to basics technology as a way to transition from current fleet challenges of today to cost effective innovation and infrastructure of tomorrow. Burlum has also spoken at the Sustainability Summit (2012 in NYC), discussing innovative green supply chain development.

“The WGES Forum focused on sustainable energy technology as well as innovations in existing technologies as the vantage point in the new economy for creating and maintaining jobs, contract opportunities and exporting prospects all leading to economic vitality and a healthier planet.” stated Professor Gallagher, Executive Chairman of the WGES.

“The 2013 WGES NYC Forum was a one day fully packed program where you met opportunity face to face as it attracted the top experts who unveiled programs and contracts in the billions of dollars. You will saw firsthand a selective top group of innovative technologies and products for energy savings in usage,” added Professor Gallagher, “the program is always quality driven with your success in mind to not only help the environment but to also harness associated economic benefits.”

The World Green Energy Symposium is a forum that brings scientist, government leaders, policy makers, economic and environmental organizations, tech and energy companies, and folks from the schools of thought to get together and sit at the table in sharing ideas and presenting solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges in energy, environment, and economic policy. The WGES is in its fourth year, having a previous presence in Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

“Having the WGES in our own back yard was a win. New York is a great city, where the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission recognized our flagship product, the SMART Emissions Reducer, permissible for use by vehicles under their rule making. It makes a big statement that a worldly forum and the first agency to recognize our company’s value creation can come together in such a short period of time,” continued Burlum.

“This forum also allowed for us to present additional bragging rights about our launching of other successful projects, including with the Philadelphia Parking Authority SMART Emissions Reducer Trial Program, and launching of the flagship product available through selected Car Dealer Service Centers, including with Straub GMC/Buick, in Keyport, New Jersey just a short few weeks ago.”

For more about World Green Energy Symposium, visit the website http://www.worldgreenenergysymposium.us


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  2. Extreme Energy Solutions is the next Apple. What a huge compliment, keep up the hard work and dedication.


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