Smart Emissions Reducer Now Available at Local GMC/Buick Car Dealership

straub GMC Buick...Straub GMC/Buick (aka Straub Motors Inc. in Keyport, NJ) has teamed up with Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. (Ogdensburg, NJ), to offer the SMART Emissions Reducer as a part of Straub’s aftermarket services program. Straub has recently became an Authorized/Certified Installation Facility for the SMART Emissions Reducer; a device which offers emissions reduction and fuel economy benefit. Tech Department Staff from Extreme had spent two days with the Straub Service Technicians, teaching them how to properly install the device, while also explaining the science principles behind the SMART Emissions Reducer’s form and functionality.

Straub Motors is no stranger to innovation in the transportation sector. They have also incorporated into their business model the sales and service of GEM electric vehicles. The GEM line consists of light duty electric vehicles for both light duty and light passenger use in a limited range capacity. They also offer many aftermarket upgrades for both new and used vehicles, including vehicle electronics upgrades and snow plows.

“Straub and Extreme are a good fit as project partners,” said Fuel Economy Expert, Michael Holler, who is also Tech Consultant for Extreme Energy Solutions. Holler is also the author of “The Ultimate Fuel Economy Book.”

“Straub and Extreme pride themselves on dedicated service and knowledge capital,” Holler continued, “It was an honor and a pleasure to work alongside well qualified and certified technicians who share a passion for innovative technology and understand its importance. We are excited about this opportunity on many different levels.”

Straub Motors will begin their launch of officially offering the SMART Emissions Reducer to local and regional markets on Saturday, March 23, 2013. Straub will be able to not only install the device for those who have made purchases online from Extreme direct, but they will also offer the device to Straub clients who visit for vehicle service, and offer the device as an upsell to new and used vehicle purchases.

“We at Straub Motors take this opportunity very seriously. We have a great concern for the environment and support every effort to reduce vehicle emissions. Now that we can offer the Smart Emissions Reducer, our customers can reduce their tailpipe emissions! Like the ad says “Go Green with the same machine”, commented Remsen Straub, who is Dealer Principal and partner, who also authorized for the SMART to be introduced through his facility.

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. CEO/President, Samuel K. Burlum, said that he was looking forward with Straub Motors.

“Working with Straub is a fruitful model in offering the SMART Emissions Reducer with vehicle owners. This program makes it more convenient for vehicle owners to obtain a SMART device, from a branded neighborhood icon people already know that have a record in offering quality service. We are here to support Straub’s success,” Burlum offered.

Successful programs in other regions of the country using the SMART Emissions Reducer include the municipalities of Winnebago County Highway Department (IL) who have already signed a contract to continue to retrofit their fleet, and City of West Palm Beach (FL), who has been testing the device since 2011. The SMART Emissions Reducer is the only engine modification permissible by the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission, and is currently being utilized in a trial program, recently launched in partnership with the Philadelphia Parking Authority.”

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., was recently featured on Today in America, hosted and narrated by Football Legend and Sports Commentator Terry Bradshaw. Extreme will also be highlighted at the World Green Energy Symposium, this year held at Hunter College, in New York City, March 26, 2013.

For more about SMART Emissions Reducer, visit the website, or or call 973-209-3450. You can also visit Straub Motors at


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  1. Great accomplishment for SMART Emissions Reducer! Looking forward to hearing about more dealerships joining in.


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