“What they are saying about Extreme Energy Solutions and Extreme Kleaner”

Here are just a few words from folks who have experienced what Extreme Energy Solutions and its Extreme Kleaner product line has to offer.

“This is a great cleaner. I purchased Extreme Kleaner a year ago and it worked well on everything from cleaning stuff in my bathroom (including grime on the shower and toilet) to kitchen counters. I was especially impressed with how well it cleaned our windowsills. We have large windows that are old and kind of falling apart, with lots of air coming through the sides in which we had to put plastic over them all winter to keep out the cold. When we took the plastic off in the spring- they windowsills and sides of the window were covered with mold and grime that is normally very hard to get off. Was much easier last year using this product. I was very happy with it. And I like using products that are better for the environment- it’s such an important thing to keep in mind these days for the health of the planet and us all. Will be getting some more of this product very soon,” Shannon Smith, Washington DC.

“I used this product all over the bathroom and had great results. It took all of the black mold off the corners of a tile shower. It also easily wiped away all soap scum and dust. It also worked very well cleaning the oven and stove. I am Very happy to be using a 100% biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning product in these areas. Thanks Extreme Kleaner,” Austin Eames, Califorinia, purchased Extreme Kleaner from Amazon.com

“I have So Many WONDERFUL things to say about this PRODUCT. I’ve been so very very happy with it . I’ve had wonderful results with Extreme Kleaner in cleaning many different things and am continuing to find more and more things to use it on, both inside and outside of the house. I’ve used it to clean Everything from, Heavy Grease build-up on the engine of my car, used it to clean the grime off of my Tire Rims, It also took my infants poop stains off of my living-room carpet that I couldn’t get off with anything else. So Happy. 🙂 I’ve also had success with it cleaning my toilet, as well as grime build-up on some window-seals. I LOVE THE PRODUCT and am continuing to find new uses for it to replace other cleaners. I love the fact that is is ECO-FRIENDLY and SAFE. This product is well worth the Price I paid for it and will definitely be purchasing more of it. Anybody looking for a All-Purpose Safe Cleaner to Replace the 10 Different Cleaners you already have, I highly recommend this product. AAA+,” Kolton Kosanke, Idaho, who purchased Extreme Kleaner from www.ExtremeKleaner.com

Extreme Energy Solution, located in Ogdensburg, New Jersey is a developer, manufacturer, distributor, and servicer of technology aimed in reducing environmental impact, lessening harmful emissions while helping people save money on gas fuel cost. Their game changing, ground breaking fleet technology is recognized all over the world.

For more information about the latest advances made by Extreme Energy Solutions, Extreme Kleaner, and Samuel K. Burlum you may visit the following websites:www.ExtremeEnergySolutions.net, www.ExtremeKleaner.com, and www.SamBurlum.com.


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  1. […] Extreme Energy Solutions was founded in 2008 and began as a third party research and development consulting service firm, later transitioning into a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of other green products. Extreme Kleaner is Made in the USA, by being manufactured and packaged in New Jersey. The company is also a large supporter of veterans, as many of their staff have served in the military. […]


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