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“Selected Auto Parts Stores Now to Offer Extreme Kleaner, Popular Environmentally Friendly Cleaner-Degreaser”


July 15, 2016

Newton, New Jersey

Source: As the list continues to grow of retailer locations that offer Extreme Kleaner, the Company Extreme Energy Solutions, partners with Koch Auto Parts, an independently owned and operated NAPA Auto Part Store located in Newton, New Jersey, and East Coast Speed Auto Parts Store in Middletown, New York.

Soon you can expect Extreme Kleaner to be found at selected auto part stores near you, as independently owned auto parts stores have decided to offer the non-toxic, biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser to their customers, as the product grows in popularity.

The first NAPA Auto Parts Store to offer Extreme Kleaner is Koch’s Auto Parts, located at 101 Water Street, Newton, New Jersey. Koch is family owned and is a member of the National Auto Parts Association (NAPA) network, which was founded over 85 years ago.

“Before I offer any product to a customer, I have to try it myself and become a believer that it will work,” shared Stephen Koch, the proprietor.

“I had a spot of suntan lotion on my car that for two years would not clean no matter what I tried, then I gave Extreme Kleaner a go, and wow, the spot was removed as if it was never there. After that I was convinced that Extreme Kleaner was a quality product I could be proud to offer to my customers,” continued Koch.

In Middletown, New York, Extreme Kleaner can be found at the East Coast Speed Auto Parts Stores (ECS), located at 660 Route 17M, Middletown, New York. ECS, as it is known to many of the local racers that patron the store, has made the product available to the racing community, car enthusiast, and hobbyist since spring of 2016

ECS, established in 1967, has been a provider of performance and specialty parts in the aftermarket for almost 50 years, stocking both automotive parts, accessories, race car parts, and needs both on-line and at their brick and mortar location.

ECS also is the official on-site parts provider at the Orange County Fair Speedway, Middletown, New York, on race day events, where they have for sale, tires, competition parts, and items on demand during competitive activities.

Extreme Kleaner first made its market introduction on-line, as it was first offered to consumers via Amazon, Keep, and Extreme Over the past four years since the product was packaged for the retail market, Extreme Kleaner has made its way onto the shelf of selected hardware stores, independent grocery and food stores, building supply stores, independent specialty retailers, and now auto parts stores, coast to coast.

Extreme Kleaner offers two different formulas; the original multi-purpose cleaner degreaser, and now it also has is complement, Extreme Kleaner Glass, Tile and More, which is also offered in a 32 ounce bottle for the same price. The product can be found retailing for the MSRP from $4.95 to $7.95; depending on the location in which the product is offered.

Extreme Kleaner’s parent company, Extreme Energy Solutions, is an award winning company, having received many accolades for its products, technical solutions, and innovations, and was recently named Company of the Year by the Passaic Valley Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #181; this is the third time the Company has received this honor by the FOP, naming it Company of the Year in the areas of Environmentally Friendly Energy Products.

Extreme Energy Solutions CEO, Samuel K. Burlum, expects more auto parts stores to join the ranks that offer Extreme Kleaner in the near future,

“Our program of cooperative marketing in promoting both the retailer and our product is a win-win for store owners that decide to carry the Extreme Kleaner product line. The product has proven itself to multiple audiences, and once consumers try the product, they love it as many of the reviews on Amazon have indicated.”

Extreme Kleaner is the proud sponsor of the #92 Extreme Kleaner/Extreme Energy Solutions Sportsman Modified and Veteran Driver Tommy Vigh Jr.

You can find out more about Extreme Kleaner and its benefits at the company’s current YouTube channel or by going to


Koch’s Auto Parts, located in Newton, New Jersey is the first NAPA affliated auto parts store to offer Extreme Kleaner.

ECS, located in Middletown, New York, offers Extreme Kleaner, and is a key parts provider to the local/regional racing community


SMART Emissions Reducer Featured on Mike & Athena Live, aired on Central Valley Talk, Fresno, California Metro Area

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The Smart Emissions Reducer Technology is dicussed as the here and now solution to harmful toxic vehicle emissions pollution issues.

July 5, 2016

Fresno, California 

Source: Smart Emissions Reducer product was featured on Central Valley Talk, media outlet located in Fresno, California; in discussing affordable available technology aimed at lessen toxic harmful vehicle emissions.

With so much focus on lessening harmful vehicle emissions, no stone is being left unturned in finding solutions to this challenging problem. The market offers many innovations that claim the lesson emissions and increase fuel economy; however none of them have been able to capture the attention of the Mike & Athena Show, which airs on Central Valley Talk, from Fresno California, like the Smart Emissions Reducer has.

Many vehicle manufactures have now disclosed to the public their failure in achieving optimum results in meeting mandated benchmarks for making their vehicles more environmentally friendly. With so many car manufactures now admitting they have fallen short on these required expectations, many are looking for answers how to not only meet original goals, but to leap beyond the minimum standards.

Smart Emissions Reducer company representatives were invited to discuss their take on this complicated problem, while also sharing their innovation with the audience of the Make & Athena Show, which airs on Central Valley Talk. Central Valley Talk is local programing to the Fresno Metro Area and can be found on local cable providers and online, as it airs its content via digital and terrestrial broadcasting.

Smart Emissions Reducer representatives shared with the Mike and Athena the differences between the Smart Emissions Reducer and other emissions reduction technology, and how the device achieves its purpose. The complete interview can be watched by clicking here.

“The fix for emissions problems are here and now, and unlike other technology, this product provides an ROI,” commented the Smart Emissions Reducer company representative.

“There is a major vehicle manufacture from Germany, that shall remain nameless, could really use this,” commented Mike, of Mike & Athena Show.

The issue of solving vehicle emissions is a very hot conversation with audiences of vehicle manufactures, green tech innovators, environmentalist, legislators, and regulators are aiming their sights in on this area of public policy.

The Smart Emissions reducer is a proven technology, having been put through a battery of lab test, including with Roush Industries, Free-Col Labs, and Keshi Group; and has been put to the test in the field in a number of real time vehicle use situations with selected commercial vehicle fleets and municipal government. Both lab and field test have demonstrated the technologies validity and worthiness.

“This is not just a local product, I have been to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and the product has been offered in China as well. This is a worldwide solution that is here and available now,” contributed Smart Emissions Reducer representatives.

The discussion was so popular and interesting; Smart Emissions Reducer was invited back for another interview, to answer questions listeners/viewers had about the innovative apparatus. The second interview can be viewed by clicking here.

Smart Emissions Reducer representatives provided further commentary on the procedure on how the parent company’s technical program, which allows for results to be quantified by consumer of the innovation.

“We asked them back because they have a fascinating, fascinating story about their product,” added Mike from Mike & Athena, Central Valley Talk.

“Its parent company representatives are available to further discuss a potential trial program for fleets that are looking to maximize their vehicle’s potential,” relayed Smart Emissions Reducer representatives, “we encourage them to participate in a pilot program so they can get a better understanding on how the device will work for them.”

More videos about the Smart Emissions Reducer can be found at the company’s social media YouTube channel.

For more information about Smart Emissions Reducer, visit