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Shareholders, Investors Disagree with Claims Made By NJ State Agency

Official Press Release and Statement Regarding NJ Agency vrs. Extreme Energy Solutions, and its CEO as of December 22, 2015:

Source: Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President and Green Tech Company, Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. continues to debate the allegations made by the New Jersey State Agency and will head into a contest in court Summer of 2016. Burl um and Company continue to assert their affirmed defenses in both court of law and in the court of public opinion.

Oldenburg, New Jersey, December 22, 2015

Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., currently located in Oldenburg, New Jersey, and its CEO and President Samuel K. Burl um, have been embattled in a heavy contest of debate with the New Jersey Bureau of Securities over a list of allegations it published in the public media October 2014. Burl um and Company had tried to settle with the State agency, ending in many failed attempts, with both sides not willing to settle on concessions that would bring this matter to a close. With the matter still standing, it is scheduled to be heard in administrative court late June 2016.  

Burl um, the Company, and many of its Shareholders (investors) have grown tired by the abusive tactics and bad faith demonstrated by the agency in the past year and two months. Shareholders have expressed their support for the Company and their CEO in a series of notarized letters, and condemn the actions of the State Agency. Letter can be reviewed here

“Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. and I, continues to assert and affirm our defenses in this matter,” says Samuel K. Burl um, CEO for Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., ” as the Company and I look to have this matter heard in both a Court of Law and in the Court of Public Opinion.”

“Many investors have also expressed their disgust and frustrations with the New Jersey Securities Bureau and Attorney General’s office, in which they are angered by the State’s actions, claiming it is the state which has put their investment in jeopardy. A large number of investors have written certified/notarized letters in support of the Company and Burl um, coming out against the New Jersey Bureau of Securities and the Attorney General,” added Burlum.

The Company claims it has lost a significant amount of business due to efforts by the NJ AG’s office and his staff, to vilify the Company and it’s CEO in the public. Burlum makes the allegation that the AG “purposefully and knowingly” left out important material facts that would weaken the state’s position in order to create the perception of a fraud when one does not exist.

In addition Burl um claims the AG, Bureau Chief, and members of their staff purposefully and knowingly engaged, in a very sophisticated on-line media smear campaign which defamed Burl um and the Company. Burlum states that this campaign has caused “confusion to our clients and investors,” thus resulting in financial damages for the Company.

“We are looking forward in getting these issues resolved so that we can continue to vision and mission of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc.,” concluded Burl um.

The Company continues to offer its products and services including the Smart Emissions Reducer, Extreme Kleaner, Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments, and H20 Energy Flow Bottled Water.

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Chinas Auto Industry Looks To Adopt New Emissions Technology

November 12, 2014  Ogdensburg, New Jersey

Syndicated from KYTX CBS News 19 Texas-

Keshi Factory 0aExtreme Energy Solutions Inc., A New Jersey Based Environmental Firm Begins Research With Several Chinese Engine And Vehicle Manufacturers To Help Address Their Air Pollution Concerns.

Various Chinese auto manufacturers show serious interest in a new emissions technology offered by Extreme Energy Solutions, a New Jersey based technology company. Extreme’s flagship product, the Smart Emissions Reducer is a relatively new emissions reduction and combustion enhancing technology that is gaining popularity quickly. It has been proven in various reputable laboratories and testing facilities such as Roush Industries, Nova Analytical Systems, Inc., and the Changzhou Keshi Group to reduce emissions substantially and even provide a fuel economy increase as a beneficial side effect.

The Changzhou Keshi Group, a manufacturer of specialty vehicles for the mining industry joined the ranks of some of their industry colleagues including the BAIC Motor Corporation, FAW Jiefang Quingdao Automobile Company and the Weichai Power Company in issuing Letters of Interest/Letters of Intent to Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. Chinas severe pollution concerns are calling for implementation of new emissions reduction technology such as Smart Emissions Reducer (SER).

This rising new green technology will be put to the test in some of the harshest air pollution conditions in the world. With outdoor visibility very low, and many people even wearing masks in public due to air pollution, China is the perfect place to implement such technology.

On site 24The applications of the SER are virtually endless. For all internal combustion engines of any fuel type, the SER can help improve the combustion process and reduce the amount of smog and greenhouse gasses being released into populated areas. With government policies aimed to address air pollution, specifically in the transportation sector, engine and vehicle manufactures are in a dire need of a solution to meet new regulatory benchmarks.

To meet this demand, representatives from these Chinese corporations searched far and wide for solutions, only to find themselves in the small town of Ogdensburg, New Jersey. Extreme Energy Solutions, a manufacturer, distributor, and servicer of emissions reduction technology welcomed the delegates with an eagerness to help them solve their pollution concerns.

The first to meet with Samuel K. Burlum, CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions, and his team was the Weichai Power Company. Weichai is a publicly traded engine manufacturer of heavy duty diesel power plants that also produces vehicle models such as buses, semi trucks, and service trucks. Weichai visited the New Jersey company in early 2013, and decided to explore further possibilities of partnering with the up and coming green technology firm.

Weichai-Shandong Group (2)“We were impressed with the Smart Emissions Reducer, and the technology behind it,” noted Tim Chang, Deputy Director of Engine Research and Development, If the products test meets our expectations, we would like to discuss with you a business partnership that would be mutually beneficial to both of us. Currently Weichai and Extreme Energy Solutions are engaged in on going testing to determine the validity of the SER in Weichais applications.

The next manufacturer to investigate the Smart Emissions Reducer was the Keshi Group, a mining industry equipment manufacturer that is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Provence. The Keshi Group initially partnered with Extreme in November 2013 to test the validity of SER. Mr. Jiang Hanjun, CEO and President of Changzhou Keshi Group, had an opportunity to travel to Ogdensburg, New Jersey with his team to investigate this solution that lowers emissions while increasing fuel efficiency. Keshi is interested in applying this new clean technology to their explosion proof underground mining vehicles.

After meeting with Extreme Energy Solutions’ CEO and President, Samuel Burlum, and the rest of the EES team, Mr. Jiang committed to partnering with Extreme in testing their flagship product, the Smart Emissions Reducer.

“We are very impressed with the product (Smart Emissions Reducer) and are very interested in cooperating
with your company,” commented Mr. Jiang.

The Keshi Group recently concluded testing of the Smart Emissions Reducer this past summer of 2014. Testing results concluded that the Smart Emissions Reducer performed as advertised under controlled laboratory conditions. Preliminary tests would show the SER could provide up to a 5% fuel economy increase on a brand new 5.9 liter Cummings diesel On site 16apowered engine, and a significant reduction in emissions, more specifically a reduction in particulate matter (PM) of up to 49% and carbon monoxide (CO) of up to 63%.

After further testing conducted by Keshi, the Smart Emissions Reducer proved to deliver consistent emissions reductions between 20% to 50% in all phases of the engines operations, while also still providing a fuel economy benefit of no lower than 2% and 3%. The Keshi Groups testing data was reviewed by Dr. Carley Corrado, Ph.D., with the Department of Physics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Corrado provided commentary on the Statistical Margin of Error within the test report, evaluating the reduction of emissions and improved fuel efficiency by adding the Smart Emissions Reducer onto the new Cummings diesel engine.

“The total emissions averaged over the 6 modes tested in the categories of CO, K/M, and N% were decreased by 22%, 25% and 18% respectively,” noted Dr. Carrado, “There was a decrease in Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) of 2.3%, which is equivalent to the corresponding improvement of fuel efficiency.”

“Conservative projections of the fuel economy savings resulting from the addition of the SER estimates an ROI of 1.2 years and a total of 10,000 liters (2641 gallons) of fuel over the expected lifespan of the SER,” continued Corrado.

On site 26Mr. Jiang and Keshi offered to enter into the next phase of the Extreme Energy Solutions Smart Emissions
Reducer evaluation program, and agreed to purchase a small rolling production of the SER devices and have them installed in the field.

“It was a real pleasure to work side by side with Keshis Technicians,” Burlum contributed, “they really appreciated the partnership and they clearly demonstrated that they could quickly embrace the installation process.”

Keshi and EES technicians worked side by side to install the Smart Emissions Reducers over a two day period at a mine in Inner Mongolia on newly deployed Keshi vehicles.

BAIC and FAW are still in talks with Extreme and also look to move forward with the evaluation process. Both BAIC and FAW have invited Extreme back to China to get their cooperative Smart Emissions Reducer programs underway.

The Smart Emissions Reducer, (initially branded as the Intercharger) was first introduced by Extreme Energy Solutions in 2010 to the taxi and delivery vehicle market. It was soon approved for use by the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission. Then it was later tested by Roush Industries on gasoline powered vehicles. Tests in their lab demonstrated the SER could deliver up to a 7.5% increase in fuel efficiency and up to 65% reduction in emissions.

Clarkson U Wins Snowmobile Fuel Economy Award, Using Smart Emissions Reducer

March 18, 2013 Ferndale, MI

Syndicated from CBS Detroit News 3-

Clarkson U InstallGage Products announced Monday that Clarkson University of Potsdam, N.Y. won the company’s award for best overall fuel economy in the annual SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge.

Seventeen universities from the U.S. and Canada participated in this year’s competition, held March 4-9 at Michigan Technological University in Houghton.

Clarkson University was the fourth place winner overall. The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Kettering University and the University of Idaho were first, second and third place overall winners.

Gage, a leading supplier of test fuels, paint solvents and paint-system recycling products, has been a Clean Snowmobile Challenge sponsor for 11 consecutive years. The Ferndale-based company also provided alternative fuels to the participating teams.

The Clarkson University team earned the Gage Products Award for achieving 20.2 mpg on the program’s Endurance Run event, running on E66 (66 percent ethanol blended with gasoline).

Other schools participating in this year’s competition included Ecole De Technologie Superieure, North Dakota State University, Northern Illinois University, McGill University, Michigan Technological University, South Dakota School of Mines & Technique, State University of New York at Buffalo, University of Alaska-Fairbanks, University of Waterloo and University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Held in Michigan since 2002, the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge is hosted by Michigan Tech’s mechanical engineering department and the school’s Keweenaw Research Center. The event, an engineering competition for SAE student members, attracted more than 200 student competitors from colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada.

The Clarkson Team incorporated multiple technologies to get the best overall fuel economy numbers, including the Smart Emissions Reducer.