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Clean Tech Company’s Smart Emissions Reducer Now Ready for Mass Market

Clean Tech Company Extreme Energy Solutions’ Smart Emissions Reducer Now Ready for Mass Market Adoption (Complete Story Here) 

December 5, 2016

Sparta, New Jersey

Source: Clean Tech Company Extreme Energy Solutions says after successful third party laboratory testing and intense field testing around the world with positive results, the Smart Emissions Reducer is now ready for mass market adoption.

“The Smart Emissions Reducer is field tested and laboratory approved for saving money and the environment,” is the message sent by the clean technology company Extreme Energy Solutions (EES), provider of the Smart Emissions Reducer (SER). Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., has spent several years investing in focused, quality research, development, and fine tuning of this device for the purposes of one day finding itself under the hood of most vehicles. The company believes that the Smart Emissions Reducer will become a standard component for most new makes and models of vehicles manufactured and sold around the world. EES made its announcement via video; can be viewed at:

In the last five years, the Smart Emissions Reducer, under the stewardship of Extreme Energy Solutions had been introduced domestically while also making landfall in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, China, and Italy. It is there, where a number of these devices have been tested, sold, and considered by government, commercial fleet operators, as well as engine and vehicle manufacturers, in their quest to play their part in lowering harmful toxic vehicle emissions while maximizing the efficiency of their vehicles.

The Smart Emissions Reducer has been put through a battery of testing in the last half a decade which included a regiment of testing by Roush Industries, in Lavonia, Michigan. The purposes of these tests were to baseline a vehicle’s emissions and fuel economy numbers without the device applied to the vehicle, then again to trial the vehicle with the device under controlled laboratory conditions. Two sets of vehicles in 2012, 2015, 2016 were sent to the laboratory, all demonstrating consistent results, which showed the device had a positive effect on lowering the vehicles emissions? even up to a 65% reduction in emissions. Fuel efficiency numbers were also compared, with testing revealing up to a 7.5% increase in fuel efficiency on specific year and make models.

The Changzhou Keshi Group tested the Smart Emissions Reducer in their lab, located in Jiangsu Providence of China. Extensive testing protocols were practiced in testing the device. Keshi tested the device on Cummings diesel engines that were modified for use by the vehicle manufacturer that specializes in mining equipment and vehicles. Their results demonstrated the Smart Emissions Reducer performed well, with up to 25% reduction in certain emissions and up to 2.5% increase in fuel efficiency. In addition to Roush and Keshi, the Smart Emissions Reducer was tested by FreeCol Labs, via a mass spectrometer test. This particular test verifies the before and after effects of the pollutants and chemical makeup of emissions gases as they entered and exited the device. The tests were very revealing in providing information that the Smart Emissions Reducer has an effect on blowby exhaust gases.

The Smart Emissions Reducer has seen a number of realtime pilot program trials and testing in the field. Devices were installed on a number of vehicles, and monitored over a period of 30-60-90 day intervals. Emissions results were recorded as business and municipal fleets would provide the very first series of field trials of the device.

The first municipal fleet trial was ran in Andover Township, New Jersey. The next municipality to try the Smart Emissions Reducer was Winnebago County in Illinois, followed by the City of Rockford (IL), Douglas County (OR), and the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PA). These vehicle fleets saw results between a 25% to 75% reduction in emissions as well as fuel efficiency gains? in some cases, up to 12% and 15%. Some of these municipalities opted to purchase the devices used during the pilot program and thereafter.

Commercial business fleets to pilot the device, some implemented a plan to retrofit select vehicles throughout their northeast locations. The New York City Taxi and Limo Commission reviewed the device as well, and made it permissible for vehicles under their rulemaking to be retrofitted with the green technology device. Taxi fleets in California also tested the device with much success.

The device was also tested on the 602 GM Crate Engine, commonly founded throughout the Northeast dirt track racing circuit. Crate Motor Connection had provided the dyno and tested the engine retrofitted with the device, reporting back that they monitored no adverse findings and with a slight increase in efficiency noticed.

With these successes on the books, Extreme Energy Solutions decided it was changing its business model, making the device available to vehicle manufacturers. The choice came in 2014/2015 when the final test results were collected from pilot programs in Jordan that solidified the verdict of the Smart Emissions Reducer’s worthiness. Since then, Extreme Energy Solutions has visited with a number of potential clients/vehicle manufactures headquartered in the United States as well as various other countries including China and Italy.

“It was with the end game in mind, that we began our grass roots campaign to commercialize the Smart Emissions Reducer,” commented Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc.,“Our vision is to see this device installed at factory level when new vehicle and engines are manufactured. We feel the technology has proven itself over time to be effective enough to aid engine and vehicle manufactures in meeting new goals and benchmarks in greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency ratings.”

Even though the company has begun to limit testing on smaller scale projects, Extreme Energy Solutions is still concentrating resources on its flagship product as Burlum continued to explain, “We shifted a part of our focus away from localized projects and decided to begin setting the stage to address vehicle and engine manufacturers. This means the switch of focus takes your device and company out of the local limelight and put back behind the scenes until engine/vehicle manufacturers are ready to announce their intent to make the move to adopting the device.”

The company has a number of LOI’s from vehicle/engine manufactures where talks are still ongoing. Burlum was noted in saying that Extreme Energy Solutions would still entertain a local/regional Smart Emissions Reducer pilot project with a municipality or commercial fleet if the terms and conditions were not in conflict with the company’s current direction. The Company has projects slated in Jordan and South Africa to continue testing the Smart Emissions Reducer in the field on both commercial and government owned vehicles.


Smart Emissions Reducer Now Available at Local GMC/Buick Car Dealership

straub GMC Buick...Straub GMC/Buick (aka Straub Motors Inc. in Keyport, NJ) has teamed up with Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. (Ogdensburg, NJ), to offer the SMART Emissions Reducer as a part of Straub’s aftermarket services program. Straub has recently became an Authorized/Certified Installation Facility for the SMART Emissions Reducer; a device which offers emissions reduction and fuel economy benefit. Tech Department Staff from Extreme had spent two days with the Straub Service Technicians, teaching them how to properly install the device, while also explaining the science principles behind the SMART Emissions Reducer’s form and functionality.

Straub Motors is no stranger to innovation in the transportation sector. They have also incorporated into their business model the sales and service of GEM electric vehicles. The GEM line consists of light duty electric vehicles for both light duty and light passenger use in a limited range capacity. They also offer many aftermarket upgrades for both new and used vehicles, including vehicle electronics upgrades and snow plows.

“Straub and Extreme are a good fit as project partners,” said Fuel Economy Expert, Michael Holler, who is also Tech Consultant for Extreme Energy Solutions. Holler is also the author of “The Ultimate Fuel Economy Book.”

“Straub and Extreme pride themselves on dedicated service and knowledge capital,” Holler continued, “It was an honor and a pleasure to work alongside well qualified and certified technicians who share a passion for innovative technology and understand its importance. We are excited about this opportunity on many different levels.”

Straub Motors will begin their launch of officially offering the SMART Emissions Reducer to local and regional markets on Saturday, March 23, 2013. Straub will be able to not only install the device for those who have made purchases online from Extreme direct, but they will also offer the device to Straub clients who visit for vehicle service, and offer the device as an upsell to new and used vehicle purchases.

“We at Straub Motors take this opportunity very seriously. We have a great concern for the environment and support every effort to reduce vehicle emissions. Now that we can offer the Smart Emissions Reducer, our customers can reduce their tailpipe emissions! Like the ad says “Go Green with the same machine”, commented Remsen Straub, who is Dealer Principal and partner, who also authorized for the SMART to be introduced through his facility.

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. CEO/President, Samuel K. Burlum, said that he was looking forward with Straub Motors.

“Working with Straub is a fruitful model in offering the SMART Emissions Reducer with vehicle owners. This program makes it more convenient for vehicle owners to obtain a SMART device, from a branded neighborhood icon people already know that have a record in offering quality service. We are here to support Straub’s success,” Burlum offered.

Successful programs in other regions of the country using the SMART Emissions Reducer include the municipalities of Winnebago County Highway Department (IL) who have already signed a contract to continue to retrofit their fleet, and City of West Palm Beach (FL), who has been testing the device since 2011. The SMART Emissions Reducer is the only engine modification permissible by the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission, and is currently being utilized in a trial program, recently launched in partnership with the Philadelphia Parking Authority.”

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., was recently featured on Today in America, hosted and narrated by Football Legend and Sports Commentator Terry Bradshaw. Extreme will also be highlighted at the World Green Energy Symposium, this year held at Hunter College, in New York City, March 26, 2013.

For more about SMART Emissions Reducer, visit the website, or or call 973-209-3450. You can also visit Straub Motors at

Philadelphia Parking Authority Field Testing New Pollution Control Device

March 13, 2013  Philadelphia, PA  

Syndicated from CBS News 3 and 1060 AM News Philly-

thThe Philadelphia Parking Authority is testing a new filtering device that claims to reduce harmful emissions in the agency’s vehicles while improving fuel economy.

At the PPA’s fleet garage in Southwest Philadelphia this morning, CEO Samuel Burlum of North Jersey-based Extreme Energy Solutions pointed to one of the devices they are retrofitting in six PPA vehicles (photo).

The Smart Emissions Reducer is made in the USA, goes on the pollution control valve side of the engine.

“What we end up doing is we take crankcase emissions, pass it through the device which acts as a catalyst, and it reforms the material into usable fuel,” Burlum explained to KYW Newsradio.

Extreme Energy Solutions has lab-tested the “Smart Emissions Reducer,” which works like a catalytic converter, at the Roush Performance CenterBurlum says its clients are reporting a reduction in vehicle emissions by up to 50 percent or more, with at least a 5-10% increase in fuel economy.

The Parking Authority will take the Smart device on a 90-day test drive with the vehicles it retrofitted, and report back on their results. You can see the behind the scenes video/audio inteview at or by clicking here.

The device is being used in municipalities that have about 800 vehicles in Winnebago County, Illinois.  It’s being tested in Nevada, West Palm Beach, Fla., as well as on Yellow cabs in Pasadena, Calif.

Philadelphia Parking Authority Looks to Green Its Fleet

March 5, 2013  Philadelphia, PA

thThe Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) is attempting to become more environmentally friendly, while saving some green at the gas pump, with their vehicle fleet. A selected group of PPA vehicles have been chosen to be retrofitted with the SMART Emissions Reducer as a 90 day study, to see if the SMART Emissions Reducer will help the PPA lower harmful emissions of vehicles they already have on the road. SMART Emissions Reducer offers the side benefit of fuel savings, assisting the PPA in some budget relief at the fuel pump.

The trial is set to begin on Monday, March 11, 2013. Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. (Ogdensburg, NJ) and Corporate Partner SMART Air Fuel Saver LLC of (FL), has dispatched their top technical team to handle the initial installation of the devices. Overseeing the project is John Primerano, Regional Representative for Extreme and Ken Henshaw, Fleet Manager for the PPA. Both teams will monitor the performance of the SMART device from an administrative and technical perspective, with input from the PPA, where officials will report back their fuel economy results.

Primerano, with Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., says “Should the vehicles experience the expected lower emissions and fuel savings numbers, as the SMART devices have delivered in the past, it would be a major win for the City of Philly to have technology that can deliver real green benefits and aid in reducing City budget costs”.

Primerano is also a resident of Philadelphia.

At the conclusion of the testing, emissions and fuel economy data will be reviewed. Upon completion of the review, the PPA will have an option to explore retrofitting their remaining fleet vehicles.

“It is my opinion that the SMART Emissions Reducer will have a positive effect on fuel mileage and will greatly reduce the amount of toxic emissions released into the atmosphere,” stated Jim Hoch, Director of Enforcement, at the Philadelphia Parking Authority, “I have very high expectations for The SMART Emissions Reducer and I am confident that the PPA will not be disappointed with the performance of this product, which I have been anxious to test for quite some time.”

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. CEO/President, Samuel K. Burlum, who also is the Vice President of SMART Air Fuel Saver LLC, said that he was looking forward in partnering with the City of Philadelphia in testing the SMART device. “Our company is confident that the trial program will demonstrate positive results for the PPA, and are proud to partner with an agency that has taken the initiative to explore ways to lessen their carbon footprint, while saving taxpayer dollars.”

Successful programs in other regions of the country include the municipalities of Winnebago County Highway Department (IL) who have already signed a contract to continue to retrofit their fleet with the device, and City of West Palm Beach (FL), who has been testing the device since 2011. The SMART Emissions Reducer is the only engine modification permissible by the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission. The SMART Emissions Reducer has been issued a CARB EO (California Air Resources Board Executive Order) #D-671. The SMART Emissions Reducer has also been lab tested by Roush Industries Inc., recording positive results.

SMART Emissions Reducer will soon be available through selected new/used car dealer service centers, including at Straub Buick/GMC (NJ), who is the first car dealer to become an authorized installation facility, offering the device to both fleets and private vehicle owners who choose to “Go Green with the Same Machine.”

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., was recently featured on Today in America, hosted and narrated by Football Legend and Sports Commentator Terry Bradshaw. Extreme will also be highlighted at the World Green Energy Symposium, this year held at Hunter College, in New York City, March 26, 2013.

For more about SMART Emissions Reducer, visit the website, or or call 973-209-3450.

Smart Emissions Reducer Devices Installed Winnebago County Vehicles

April 10, 2012, Rockford, Illinois

Syndicated from WIFR CBS News 23-

8a7037aff947ce12fe5a04274801726fWINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) — Some of our area men in blue will be going green and saving green at the same time.

Some Winnebago County squad cars, utility vehicles and heavy duty vehicles were installed with Smart Emissions Reducers Tuesday. This allows you to go green with the same machine. The county reached a deal with Smart Air Fuel Saver of Illinois to install the emission reducers which also help in fuel efficiency allowing the county to help save the environment right away and help save money in the near future.Winnebago County

This smart device will be tested over a 90 day free trial period. Other areas who have achieved success with the device include the city of West Palm Beach, Florida and the New York City Taxi Commission. The company who installed the devices, Extreme Energy Solutions, from Ogdensburg, NJ, says that after the 90 day trial program, if the County feels they are comfortable with the results, they can continue to purchase the devices. In the event the County does not see results, then the devices are returned to Extreme Energy Solutions without any risk to the County.

We caught up with the Company’s CEO, Samuel Burlum, who was on site to facilitate his team that performed the installs. Burlum offered this, “We appreciate the opportunity to work with Winnebago County, and commend them on taking a chance on this new technology. I will work hard to assure the program’s success.”