Find Out What People Are Saying About Extreme Energy Solutions; its products-Smart Emissions Reducer, Extreme Kleaner, Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments, Sidewinder ATV, Leasing Options; and about its Leadership and Team led by CEO and President Samuel K. Burlum. These are comments that have been collected from social media, testimonials, emails, video inerviews, audio interviews, press pieces, and forums. Submit a comment and it will be considered for posting.

Comments from Facebook:

“Great hidden secret. Like a diamond in the dirt just waiting to be discovered. Lead by a very solid and passionate focused CEO and equally responsible the ENTIRE team all key players giving 120% all the time consistently. Very transparent and reporting regularly to shareholders. Growing at a steady pace so great for investors looking to get involved pre-IPO with good returns projected. Thank you guys at Extreme Energy Solutions for all your hard work and keeping your promises.” –Desmond Soon

“Fantastic!” –Lesa Fox

“The Smart Emissions Reducer should installed on every engine using that uses fossil fuels.” –David Yancey

“I love this company and their products! They are reputable and honest! Keep up the great work guys!!!” –Hannah Lewis

“Awesome! Everyone should have one (referring to the Smart Emissions Reducer).” –Jessika Thomas

“I see much potential in this Company too. What a great idea.” –John Whorfin

Comments from

“This Extreme Kleaner is a great cleaner. I purchased some a year ago and it worked well on everything from cleaning stuff in my bathroom (including grime on the shower and toilet) to kitchen counters. I was especially impressed with how well it cleaned our windowsills. We have large windows that are old and kind of falling apart, with lots of air coming through the sides in which we had to put plastic over them all winter to keep out the cold. When we took the plastic off in the spring- they windowsills and sides of the window were covered with mold and grime that is normally very hard to get off. Was much easier last year using this product. I was very happy with it. And I like using products that are better for the environment- it’s such an important thing to keep in mind these days for the health of the planet and us all. Will be getting some more of this product very soon.” -Shannon Smith, VA, gave it 5 stars.

“I used this product all over the bathroom and had great results. It took all of the black mold off the corners of a tile shower. It also easily wiped away all soap scum and dust. It also worked very well cleaning the oven and stove. I am Very happy to be using a 100% biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning product in these areas. Thanks Extreme Kleaner.” -Austin Eames, CA, gave it 5 stars.

“I have So Many WONDERFUL things to say about this PRODUCT. I’ve been so very very happy with it . I’ve had wonderful results with Extreme Kleaner in cleaning many different things and am continuing to find more and more things to use it on, both inside and outside of the house. I’ve used it to clean Everything from, Heavy Grease build-up on the engine of my car, used it to clean the grime off of my Tire Rims, It also took my infants poop stains off of my living-room carpet that I couldn’t get off with anything else. So Happy. 🙂 I’ve also had success with it cleaning my toilet, as well as grime build-up on some window-seals. I LOVE THE PRODUCT and am continuing to find new uses for it to replace other cleaners. I love the fact that is is ECO-FRIENDLY and SAFE. This product is well worth the Price I paid for it and will definitely be purchasing more of it. Anybody looking for a All-Purpose Safe Cleaner to Replace the 10 Different Cleaners you already have, I highly recommend this product. AAA+” -Kolton Kosanke, ID, gave it 5 stars.

“Awesome product that is universal without the toxicity. A must to have in your cleaning arsenal.” -Kevin Harrigan, NY, gave it 5 stars

Comments-Testimonials from

“I used Extreme Kleaner on my light beige carpet for spot cleaning.  It was great.  After spraying directly onto the soiled spot and let set for about 3 minutes, I used a light colored cloth to massage the area.  The spot was totally gone.  I vacuumed and that spot looked like new.  Now, I have the opportunity to clean the whole room to make it look new as it did new.  Thanks Extreme Kleaner.  By the way, I detected no odor, which is important for my allergies.   I look forward to new purchases”. -Beverly White, NJ

“On March 21, 2013 I was polishing my black dress shoes outside on the back patio. The brush that I put into the can of  the black shoe polish I put on the left shoe to rub shoe polish into the leather.  The brush slipped onto the sleeve of my tweed shirt. I had a good amount of black shoe polish on the shirt. I sad O boy how will I  get this black shoe polish out of this tweed shirt.  Then i said let me try the Extreme Kleaner on it.  I sprayed the area with Extreme Kleaner placed the shirt in the washer, after the cycle had completed I pull the shirt out of the washer and  like Magic The black shoe polish was gone.” -Kenneth Newton, FL

“I wanted to thank you for selling me your Extreme Kleaner product. It’s a real pain to have to store multiple products to work on different surfaces. With Extreme Kleaner, I can literally use it on all surfaces. I have one bottle in my car and one in my home. I have more room in the cabinet, I don’t have to put on my reading glasses to make sure I can use it on a particular surface. I also have the peace of mind knowing it is non-toxic and biodegradable. Great job on this!” -Joe Lazar, NJ

“I spayed Extreme Kleaner on the dirty engine of my Chrysler Sebring and then hosed it off. I was very surprised at how much dirt, grime and oil came off after the rinse, especially without any scrubbing whatsoever. This product works great, thank you!” -Jeff Smith, OR

Comments-Testimonials from

“I just wanted to let you both know how impressed I am with the overall gas mileage improvement on my 2004 Saturn Ion Quad Coupe. I also have more pep and power performance too! I was in and out of auto parts stores purchasing gas (fuel additives) to try to get better gas mileage. I must have tried everything out there from A to Z. Needless to say nothing I used made any difference. Just a lot of wasted money out of my pocket. Everything changed for the better when a friend of mine told me about this new product called the “SMART Emissions Reducer”. I was a bit skeptical at first but that did not last long. I said lets give it a try! I was getting around 22 mpg and about 260 miles on a tank of gas. Now that I have the “SMART Emissions Reducer” installed on my car for just over a month, I have been now getting around 26 mpg and about 315 miles on a tank of gas. I am so thrilled that I don’t have to visit gas stations as frequently as I did! I would highly recommend the SMART Emissions Reducer for everyone to try on whatever vehicle they own. Thanks for such a really great product!” – Dale Lynne Newman, NJ

“I just want to say thank you for the job you did on my 2006 GMC 2500HD diesel. Prior to the installation I got 16.6 miles per gallon over the first 103,000 miles. Now I am getting 18.9 miles per gallon and have 111,000 miles on the truck. I would be happy to recommend your products because they do what you say they will!!!” – Todd J. Healy, NJ

“I was impressed with the performance of the SMART Emissions Reducer. I noticed a significant reduction in the amount of smoke being omitted into the air from my truck…I also observed an increase in fuel economy likewise. With a loaded 53 foot trailer in tow, I would normally get 3.24 miles per gallon…My vehicle is now getting 5.115 miles to the gallon, on the same compared run. Also, I feel a major difference in the pedal as the throttle response is a little more crisp…I am very happy with the SMART Emissions Reducer product, and the way it has performed, as well as the service I received from Extreme Energy Solutions.” – Big rig driver Edward Weise Jr., NJ

“Last year I bought a 2010 Chevy Traverse and was a little shocked at the gas mileage I was getting. At the time gas cost had not gone up, but I was always afraid that they would. My husband and I had heard about the SMART Emissions Reducer and decided it was worth a try.  Approximately 6 months ago we had the device installed and were amazed at the speed of which it was put on, the ease of care, and the overall value of the product.  Since the addition of the SMART Emissions Reducer on my Chevy Traverse, my gas mileage has gone up from 15.3 mpg to 17.9-19.6 mpg. That is with city driving as most of my driving is local. When the Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatment is used, the mileage is even better. I was very happy I had the device installed especially after the gas prices went through the roof. I also have an extended period of time between oil changes which is another added savings. I am confident I purchased a reliable product and will get fast reliable service any time I need it.” – Jodi Coombs, NJ

“My Name is Tony DeNicola, I’m a Radio/TV engineer and work for Clear Channel in Sussex County, NJ. I met Samuel on day when he came to the radio station as a guest on a radio show, and asked about this thing called the SMART Emissions Reducer. He told me briefly how it worked and I said, “That’s what I need on my truck.” It’s been about a year now since I has Samuel install one one my old 1994 Ford XLT Ranger that has over 160,000 miles on it, and it runs like new; no hesitation or pinging that I would normally get at times from regular gas. My gas mileage was around 18 mpg. I travel 130 miles back and forth from Edison to Franklin, NJ everyday to work and anything that would improve the performance of my truck and give me better gas mileage was worth trying. I am happy to say in writing that I’m getting 3 to 4 more miles per gallon with the SMART Emissions Reducer and didn’t have to worry about emissions at the inspection station anymore because of the very low emissions with the SMART Emissions Reducer. In fact when I took my truck for inspection the inspector checked to make sure my truck was running because he told me for an old truck it was very low emissions. I was happy to get that passing sticker after that. On a final note I can truly say that not only do I get better gas mileage but my truck has more pep when I press on the accelerator and runs a lot better than it ever did.” – Tony DeNicola /CE, Clear Channel, NJ

Comments-Testimonials from

“Extreme Energy Solutions was chosen for the honor of the 2013 WGES NOVA Award on its potential impact on reducing emissions from existing gasoline and diesel engines that currently comprise the majority of vehicles on the road today. Their Flagship product, the SMART Emissions Reducer, is found to be a cost effective retrofit that provides an immediate solution for today’s environmentally conscious consumers that are looking to reduce these harmful emissions while benefiting from better fuel economy.  The innovation is a here and now solution.  Past recipients of the Nova Award have included DOW, Drexel University, and the City of Philadelphia for its GreenWorks Program.” -Professor Robert Gallagher, World Green Energy Symposium, Executive Council Chair

“I wanted to personally thank you (Extreme Energy Solutions) for your attendance, presentation and active participation at the Innovation Arena and during the overall Sustainability Summit 2012.  I truly appreciate your time and efforts. The impact of any group of presentations is only as high as the quality of its presenters.  To state the obvious, your presentation set the bar very high for the future.” -Edward Harrington, Certification Compliance Specialist, NY NJ Minority Supply Development Council.

“Published results from around the country indicate years of very positive economic, as well as environmental impact, using the SMART Emissions Reducer. The expected results for us are very important in light of higher gas prices, tighter budgets, and our desire to become more ‘green’ in our operations. Similar results here in Winnebago County are very positive.” Dan Davis, Operations Manager, Winnebago County Highway Department, IL.

Comments-Testimonials from

“I wanted to mention to you that my wife, whom uses the SUV that you put the SMART Emissions Reducer device on; she says she has gone from getting gas every 8 days to every 10 days. It’s been consistent the last several weeks and she has not changed her routine; so it is saving gas. just wanted to share that. Thank you,” –Shannon Smith, VA.

Comments-Testimonials from

“We can’t thank you enough for the information and we look forward to what the future may bring between Extreme Energy Solutions and the Clarkson University Winter Knights. We have set a new standard in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge and we will continue to defy conventional methods to display our passion for cleaner, quieter, and more efficient snowmobiles,” -Ben Edwards, Mechanical Engineering Student Class of 2013, and SAE Clean Snowmobile Team President, Clarkson University, NY

“I have told you repeatedly, that I know you are the right man for the job (referencing Sam Burlum as CEO of Extreme Energy Solutions), and I have always meant it. I firmly believe in you and what you have done and what you are continuing to do for the Company. In fact, you amaze me with both your knowledge of the ramifications of being a successful CEO, and your forthrightness in representing all of us in the manner that you do,” -Rev. Donald Jiskoot
Retired Chaplin and Accredited Investor, AL


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  1. I used Extreme Kleaner this past weekend, to clean up a 15 year old Kitchen Aid Mixer. Wow, I am impressed. I challenge everyone to give this product a try! 5 stars!


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