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“Extreme Kleaner Glass, Tile and More Now Available”

July 6, 2015 Paterson, New Jersey

Extreme Energy Solutions continues to roll out innovation after innovation as it formally introduces its next product, Extreme Kleaner Glass Tile and More Cleaner-Degreaser; offering its product on-line and at selected retailers.

I used this product all over the bathroom and had great results. It took off, all of the black mold off the corners of a tile shower. It also easily wiped away all soap scum and dust. It also worked very well cleaning the oven and stove. I am very happy to be using a 100% biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning product in these areas. Thanks Extreme Kleaner,” added Austin Eames.

Extreme Kleaner recently received endorsements from New Jersey Stock Car driver Ron Constable and by Schmitty the Weather dog.

“I have personally used the product for cleaning up the race car and our tools, and I have to say that Extreme Kleaner is a great product. Before accepting the sponsorship deal, I wanted to make sure the product really worked. To my surprise it is the best product I have used in cleaning the dirt and grime after a night of racing at the dirt track,” Constable contributed.



“Meteorologist Ron Trotta, Children’s Book Author Elly McGuire, and Schmitty the Weather Dog Partner with Extreme Energy Solutions and Extreme Kleaner to Help Bring Green to Classrooms”

See the exclusive video here:

Elly McGuire, author of “Schmitty the Weather Dog: Daydream,” Meteorologist Ron Trotta, and Schmitty the Weather Dog team up with Extreme Energy Solutions and Extreme Kleaner in promoting environmentally green living in the classrooms of elementary school children.

Elly McGuire, author of “Schmitty The Weather Dog: Daydream,” Meteorologist Ron Trotta, and Schmitty The Weather Dog, have teamed up with the up and coming green tech company, Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., located in Ogdensburg, New Jersey, to help promote healthier and more environmentally friendly choices in the hopes of bringing green technology awareness to the classrooms of children.

Together Extreme and the Schmitty the Weather Dog Team will begin their journey in encouraging both school administrators and children to consider more sustainable green products that end up in use in the classroom. The first stop on their list is the National Association of Elementary School Principles (NAESP) convention in Long Beach California, June 30 through July 2, 2015.

At the conference, Schmitty the Weather Dog and Meteorologist Ron Trotta will be the official weather team and headline entertainment where thousands are expected to attend. Extreme Energy Solutions product, Extreme Kleaner, a non-toxic, biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser, is their sponsor.

“We are glad to have Extreme Kleaner aboard,” claimed Trotta, “the product works great, it’s safe for pets, kids and the environment, and the company’s mission to offer products and services that help serve humanity are very much in line with our beliefs in conservation and sustainability.”

“The product, Extreme Kleaner, is crazy good, and I would only partner with a product and a company that is safe for the planet and my two-legged and four-legged family,” added McGuire

When asked about what she thought about Extreme Kleaner, Schmitty the Weather Dog responded by giving it a four paws up.

Schmitty the Weather Dog, accompanied by McGuire and Trotta, have been at the center of over 60 elementary school assemblies this year, promoting STEM, the study of science, technology, engineering and math, through the use of their entertaining literacy and music program. Team Schmitty The Weather Dog has been coast to coast, bringing their program to schools throughout New York City, Los Angeles, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

At the end of each assembly, author Elly teaches about respect for animals and gives each student the opportunity to meet Schmitty The Weather Dog. Through corporate and private sponsors, student usually walk away with their very own copy of the “Schmitty the Weather Dog: Daydream” book.

“Science and math are at the core of green technologies, and we feel it is important to help foster younger generation’s educational experience with information that will not only get them excited about preserving the environment, but also excited about the opportunities and possible career choices that may be available to them in the future,” contributed Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc.

“We are proud to support Schmitty the Weather Dog and their team on their endeavors in and out of the classroom.”

Meteorologist Ron Trotta, who has the distinction of being a three time World Champion Ragtime Pianist, has worked for ABC World News, and since then has partnered with Schmitty the Weather Dog and author Elly McGuire to inspire and excite children across America to study STEM subjects.

Elly McGuire, the author of “Schmitty the Weather Dog:Daydream,” has always taken time from her impressive career to help many causes like the Firefighters Association Scholarship Fund, as well as Angel On A Leash and many small animal shelters across the country. McGuire, along with Schmitty have been guests on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Access Hollywood.”

Schmitty has also shared the stage in New York’s Central Park with Oprah and will be the “cover dog” on this summer’s issue of Hamptons Pet magazine. When Schmitty is not giving a “pawcast” posted on the Schmitty the Weather Dog You Tube Channel, you can find her visiting schools locally and nationally bringing the message of the great opportunities that STEM subjects have to offer.

Schmitty the Weather Dog and Extreme Kleaner will continue to provide updates on its social media pages. More information about Schmitty the Weather Dog and Extreme Kleaner can be found at and at

“Local Stock Car Racer Goes Green; Partners with Extreme Energy Solutions and Extreme Kleaner to Bring Green to Dirt Track Racing”

Extreme Kleaner

Samuel K. Burlum

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. and Constable/Team Froggy are in discussions and negotiations to extend their agreement into next season and beyond., and.or

Extreme Energy Solutions New Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product, Extreme Kleaner a Big Hit with Consumers

November 9, 2014  Ogdensburg, NJ

Syndicated from NBC 4i (Columbus, OH)-

74395383_scaled_126x128Extreme Kleaner, a new eco-­friendly cleaner is appearing on the shelves of selected hardware stores, local retailers, and on­line shopping platforms and is making a big splash nationwide with new video advert that has audiences laughing out loud. This popular new household, commercial and industrial green cleaner is made by a small company from Ogdensburg, New Jersey, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc.

Extreme Kleaner, is a new non-­toxic, biodegradable, cleaner­-degreaser, uses a unique formula to address even the toughest dirt and grease and can also be used to help clean mold & mildew, rubber marks, and pet stains, kitchen equipment, car­ boat ­RV exteriors and interiors, and more. But as the old say goes, if it claims to be too good to be true well you know the rest.

So we decided to conduct some studies of our own to make sure the product could stand on its own merit. First the product was tested by the National Sanitation Federation (NSF), who evaluated the product and issued the manufacturer and supplier of Extreme KleanerExtreme Energy Solutions a certificate recognizing that the company complied with the NSF
registration guidelines for proprietary substances and non­food compounds. NSF gave the company the authority to bear the NSF mark on its product and marketing materials, showing that the green cleaner is safe to use around food areas.

NSF commented, “this product (Extreme Kleaner) is acceptable for use as a general cleaner (A1) on all surfaces in and around food processing areas, where it is not intended for direct food contact.”

Next we asked Beverly White, CEO and President of BKW Transformations Group to take a look at the product. BKW, located in New Jersey is a consulting firm that offers expertise and evaluations in the area of strategy, process, technology and organization transformation, and has extensive experience in these areas. BKW is also well known advocate for economic and environmental sustainability. We asked her to test Extreme Kleaner and tell us what she finds.

“I used Extreme Kleaner on my light beige carpet. It was great. After directly spraying on the soiled spot and let set for about three minutes, I used a light colored cloth to message the area. The spot was totally gone. I detected no odor which is important for my allergies,” claimed Ms. White.

Montclair TVWe decided to put the product to one more test. We ran into Elly McGuire, the author of Schmitty the Weather Dog, a childrens book designed to focus on getting kids excited about the science, technology, engineering, and math. Ms. McGuire agreed to try Extreme Kleaner for her own use. Elly, with her partner, Meteorologist Ron Trotta, and even Schmitty himself decided to give the green cleaner and degreaser a try.

“I cleaned the stain right with my dog sitting here. I would never do that with any other cleaner,” McGuire shared, “This stuff is like crazy good. This stuff, Extreme Kleaner, you should have it in your school, hospitals, your home, everywhere.”

McGuire provided an Extreme Kleaner testimonial video that showed just how effective the product was during her experience.

Extreme Kleaner was initially brought to market by Extreme Energy Solutions in July of 2012, and since has been offered on­line, in local New Jersey stores, and recently in larger chain stores.

The product can be found on,, and direct from the product website

2013 brought another big year for the product as it was introduced to local retailers in Sussex County, New Jersey, which played host to the first stores who offered Extreme Kleaner. PostNet, a general purpose printing, shipping and receiving outlet in Jefferson, New Jersey was one of the first to offer the product to its customers. Later it was joined by the Floor Store in Hamburg, NJ, and then one by one, other retailers would join the ranks. In addition to retailers, Extreme Kleaner has been sold direct to end users such as Arrow Fastener in Saddle Brook, NJ, Dunkin Donuts in Stockholm, NJ and restaurants in the Northern New Jersey area as well.

Dorn True Value Midvale CornerExtreme Kleaner soon became available in a number of True Value Hardware Stores, located throughout the tri­state area, including locations in New Jersey of Montclair, and Lincoln Park; Milford, Dingmans Ferry, Newfoundland, and in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; as well as Port Jervis and Goshen New York. And even stores in Madison, Wisconsin have joined the ranks of new distributors.

Extreme Kleaner has also been noticed by the press. Natural Awakenings Magazine recently featured Extreme Kleaner under its product spotlight segment in its October 2014 issue that covers southern Wisconsin readership. It was also highlighted on the show, Today in America, hosted and Narrated by NFL Football Legend Terry Bradshaw.

“We are pleased with the progress that Extreme Kleaner has made over the last few months,” commented Samuel K. Burlum; CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., “Selected True Value Hardware stores have been receptive to our program in providing a local delivery system for our product to expand our fan base reach. We are thankful for all of the True Values that have chosen to partner with us.”

The Ogdensburg, New Jersey Company and Samuel K. Burlum has been nationally recognized for its efforts in the green industry. It received the 2013 NOVA Award from the World Green Energy Symposium, at its New York City Conference. The Company and its CEO were also awarded a proclamation by the Passaic Valley Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 181 naming Extreme Energy Solutions as Passaic Countys 2013 Company of the Year in the area of Professional Environmentally Friendly Energy Products.

Extreme Energy Solutions was founded in 2008 and began as a third party research and development consulting service firm, later transitioning into a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of other green products. Extreme Kleaner is Made in the USA, by being manufactured and packaged in New Jersey. The company is also a large supporter of veterans, as many of their staff have served in the military.

New Green Technology for Emissions Reduction is Discovered by Vehicle Manufacturer

November 9, 2014  Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Syndicated from KOAM CBS News 7 Affiliate, Pittsburg, Kansas-

keshi 6 (2)Mr. Jiang Hanjun, CEO and President of the Chinese mining equipment manufacturer, Changzhou Keshi Group, discovers a powerful new green technology for vehicle emissions reduction offered by an emerging technology company from New Jersey.

Mr. Jiang and his team recently visited Ogdensburg, New Jersey in search of an emissions reduction solution for their explosion proof underground mining vehicles. They were introduced to a new emissions solution, the Smart Emissions Reducer (SER) offered by Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. (EES).

After meeting with Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of EES and his team, Mr. Jiang committed to partnering with Extreme in testing the Smart Emissions Reducer, the flagship product of the New Jersey based technology firm.

“We are very impressed with the product (Smart Emissions Reducer) and are very interested in cooperating with your company,” commented Mr. Jiang. Jiang offered a formal invitation to Burlum and his team to visit the Keshi facility in China, where both companies would partner to test the validity of the Smart Emissions Reducer in the mining equipment vehicle application.

“If the test results are satisfactory, we would like to discuss long term cooperation matter with your company including becoming an exclusive distributor of SER for your company in China,” offered Mr. Jiang.

Keshi Lab TestKeshi Group began testing of the Smart Emissions Reducer in December 2013. Testing results concluded that the Smart Emissions Reducer performed as advertised under controlled laboratory conditions. Preliminary testing would show the SER could provide up to a 5% fuel economy increase on a brand new 5.9 liter Cummings diesel powered engine, and a significant reduction in emissions, more specifically a reduction of particulate matter (PM) up to a 49% and carbon monoxide (CO) up to 63%.

After further testing conducted by Keshi, the Smart Emissions Reducer proved to deliver consistent vehicle emissions reductions between 20% to 50% in all phases of the engines operations, while also still providing a fuel economy benefit no lower than 2% and 3%, although field tests have shown it to be higher.

Keshis testing data was reviewed by Dr. Carley Corrado, PhD, with the Department of Physics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Corrado provided commentary on the Statistical Margin of Error within the test report and evaluated the reduction of emissions and improved fuel efficiency by addition of the Smart Emissions Reducer onto a new Cummings diesel engine.

“The total emissions averaged over the 6 modes tested in the categories of CO, K/M, and N% were decreased by 22%, 25% and 18% respectively,” noted Dr. Corrado, “There was a decrease in Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) of 2.3%, which is equivalent to the corresponding improvement of fuel efficiency.”

“Conservative projections of the fuel economy savings resulting from addition of the Smart Emissions Reducer estimates an ROI of 1.2 years and a total of 10,000 liters (2641 gallons) of fuel over the expected lifespan of the SER,” continued Corrado.

Mr. Jiang and Keshi offered to enter into the next phase of testing with Extreme Energy Solutions Smart Emissions Reducer program. “We will agree to purchase a small rolling production of the SER devices andhave them installed in the field. If we find similar results as the lab, we will want to deploy the technology throughout China,” stated Jiang at a recent meeting held at his facility in Changzhou.

KeshiMineTesting1“We are honored to partner with Keshi, and are very pleased that Keshi and Extreme are working together on solutions for Chinas pollution problems that are a result of harmful vehicle emissions,” Burlum contributed, This partnership is good for China and good for America. Keshi is proving it is helping China address some of its pressing national air quality concerns, while further validating the SER technology.”

“A long term agreement with Keshi would mean that our company is providing a valuable export to China, thus we would need to increase domestic jobs to meet the demand,” said Samuel Burlum.

The Smart Emissions Reducer, (initially branded as the Intercharger) was first introduced to the taxi and delivery vehicle fleet market by Extreme Energy Solutions in 2010. It was approved for use by the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission. Later, it tested by Roush Industries on gasoline powered vehicles. Tests in the Roush labs demonstrated the SER could deliver up to a 7.5% increase in fuel efficiency and up to a 65% reduction in emissions. To learn more about Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. you can visit their website at or call them toll free at 1­800-­EES-­TEAM.

Philadelphia Parking Authority Field Testing New Pollution Control Device

March 13, 2013  Philadelphia, PA  

Syndicated from CBS News 3 and 1060 AM News Philly-

thThe Philadelphia Parking Authority is testing a new filtering device that claims to reduce harmful emissions in the agency’s vehicles while improving fuel economy.

At the PPA’s fleet garage in Southwest Philadelphia this morning, CEO Samuel Burlum of North Jersey-based Extreme Energy Solutions pointed to one of the devices they are retrofitting in six PPA vehicles (photo).

The Smart Emissions Reducer is made in the USA, goes on the pollution control valve side of the engine.

“What we end up doing is we take crankcase emissions, pass it through the device which acts as a catalyst, and it reforms the material into usable fuel,” Burlum explained to KYW Newsradio.

Extreme Energy Solutions has lab-tested the “Smart Emissions Reducer,” which works like a catalytic converter, at the Roush Performance CenterBurlum says its clients are reporting a reduction in vehicle emissions by up to 50 percent or more, with at least a 5-10% increase in fuel economy.

The Parking Authority will take the Smart device on a 90-day test drive with the vehicles it retrofitted, and report back on their results. You can see the behind the scenes video/audio inteview at or by clicking here.

The device is being used in municipalities that have about 800 vehicles in Winnebago County, Illinois.  It’s being tested in Nevada, West Palm Beach, Fla., as well as on Yellow cabs in Pasadena, Calif.