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Extreme Energy Solutions to Partners with Local Racers to Bring Green Tech to the Race Track


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Published on 3/21/2016, Middletown, New York

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Source: Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. and Veteran Dirt Track Race Car Driver Tommy Vigh Jr, partner with the hopes of putting the Extreme Kleaner Sponsored Sportsman Modified into Victory Lane at the Orange County Fair Speedway for the 2016-2017 season, while testing new green technology at the track.

The Green Tech Company, Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., located in Ogdensburg, New Jersey, formally announces its partnership with Veteran Race Car Driver Tommy Vigh Jr, a deal which extends thus far for the next two seasons. Extreme and Vigh were able to come together in forming an alliance that puts Vigh behind the wheel of new equipment aimed for the purposes of providing a testing platform for some of Extreme Energy Solutions green tech automotive solutions for emissions reduction and performance.

Tommy Vigh Jr. will be the captain behind the wheel of the #92 Extreme Kleaner/Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. sponsored Sportsman Modified, for 2016 and 2017, with home turf being declared as Orange County Fair Speedway (OCFS), in Middletown, New York playing host to this new venture. The alliance formed, known as Extreme Team Racing Associates, puts Vigh at the helm of machines powered by 602 GM crate motor powered equipment provided by Crate Motor Connection, located in New Holland, Pennsylvania.  The newly formed team plans to also run their machines at the popular Eastern States Weekend event (Oct 2016 at the OCFS), while also touching down at a few races at the Accord Speedway (NY) and this year’s Super Dirt Week race event (hosting track yet to be named)

Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. offers the technology known as the Smart Emissions Reducer, an emissions reduction device for gasoline and diesel powered engines, and is currently testing their equipment on the standard 602 GM crate motor in the lab on a controlled dyno and on the track. Extreme Energy Solutions looks to introduce the Smart Emissions Reducer as standard equipment as part of the 602 GM Crate motor once testing is complete. The Smart Emissions Reducer has been already proven in automotive labs such as Roush, Keshi, and Free-Col. The device has also been tested by various commercial and municipal vehicle fleet operators, which have seen between 25% to 65% reduction in harmful toxic emissions with vehicles retrofitted with the device, while recognizing fuel efficiency gains between 2.5% to 15%.

Having access to the racing community, Extreme has already begun to commercialize its consumer product lines to partnered retailers and race fans alike. Extreme Kleaner, the company’s non-toxic biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser, is now offered in selected Hardware Hanks, True Value, Ace Hardware Stores; Independently owned grocery stores, East Coast Speed, and selected retailers. H2O Energy Flow, structured bottled water, has also been introduced to the market and is now in selected retailers across the mid-west. Extreme Kleaner is the main banner on the machine to be driven by Vigh.

“It is a great opportunity to be able to return to our roots and bring our technology with us,” commented Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, and author of “Life in the Green Lane-in Pursuit of the American Dream,” “Tommy is a great driver and we needed to be able to work with someone whom does not mind dedicating their skill sets in aiding in our research and development on and off the track.”  Burlum once ran full seasons in 2008 and 2009 at the Hard Clay, in the Street Stock Division.

“It’s important we have a tie to racing for many automotive innovations have been tested and proven at the track before they are made a stock component on production model vehicle,” Sam Burlum continued.”

“Having Tommy as our premier driver choice was an easy decision; he has been able to prove he can compete with aged equipment, and has been able to rack up a series of wins over time at various tracks. Fans love him as he is a great spokesperson for the sport. It will be great to see what he can do with some new equipment at his disposal.”

Tommy Vigh Jr., hails from Otisville, New York, and currently has 12 career wins that span time in the cockpit of Street Stocks, Pro Stocks, and now Sportsman Modified stock cars. His first race was in the Street Stock Division, where, after his 7th time in the car won his first race. From that point going further he never fell out 5th place which gained him the title of “Rookie of the Year”. Included in his portfolio of achievements is: OCFS Favorite Pro Stocker in 2009, OCFS First Ever Elimination Race Winner, OCFS Rookie of the Year, OCFS Driver of the Year 2009, 2010 Accord Speedway King of the Catskills Champion, 2011 2nd in points, 2012 OCFS Rookie Sportsmanship of the Year, NYSSCA 2012 Rookie Sportsmanship of the Year.

“Samuel and I have worked with each other before, and I am excited to see what we can do for Extreme this season,” added Tommy Vigh Jr., “We will have some great equipment from Bicknell and Crate Motor Connection this year, and I am looking forward to a good season.”

The #92 Sportsman Modified machine of Tommy Vigh Jr. is sponsored by Extreme Kleaner, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., Smart Emissions Reducer, Hardware Hank, H2O Energy Flow, Big Momma Motorsports, Sam Burlum Business Strategy & Consulting Services, Crate Motor Connection, and received additional help from Behrents, East Coast Speed, Atomic Sign, Walker Creative Design, and crew.

IMG_1332Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. and Smart Emissions Reducer also came to an agreement  with Sportsman Driver Connor Otten, whom plans to race a full schedule on Friday and Saturday nights. Otten, just 20, from Middletown, NY, has had a limited part time campaign for the past two years, including racing at tracks such as Penn Cam, Five Mile Point, and Accord. The Orange County Fair Speedway regular, plans to race as a full time career, where after he discovered racing was his passion, Otten found it was a natural choice to purse racing as his profession.

“Ever since I was young, the only thing that interested me was racing. I am appreciative of the support we have from Smart Emissions Reducer and Extreme Energy Solutions this season. I hope to put some wins on the board this year,” provided Otten.

Conner Otten will drive the #11 Smart Emissions Reducer/Extreme Energy Solutions sponsored Sportsman Modified at Accord Speedway on Friday Nights, putting Otten on the Track at the OCFS Saturday Evenings. Other sponsors of Otten’s ride include, Fred Smith, Emerson Resort and Spa, Big Momma Motorsports, Sam Burlum Business Strategy & Consulting Services, Chris Nessen Home Improvement, Matt Smith Mowing and Snowplowing, Behrents, East Coast Speed, Atomic Sign, Walker Creative Design, Extreme Team Racing Associates LLC and crew.IMG_1334

Jimmy Devitt from Clintondale, NY will be behind the wheel of the Extreme Team Racing Associates LLC second ride; the #H2O Extreme Energy Solutions Inc/H2O Energy Flow sponsored Sportsman Modified, and will compete in the OCFS Rookie Division. Devitt has been behind the wheel of both Street Stocks and Sportsman for the last five years plus. Other sponsors of the #H2O Machine include Hardware Hank, Big Mamma Motorsports, Extreme Kleaner, Sam Burlum Business Strategy & Consulting Services, Empire Emulsions, and Crate Motor Connections; and received additional help from Behrents, East Coast Speed, Atomic Sign, Walker Creative Design, and crew.

“The car (#H2O) looks great. These guys stepped up in helping us put together a ride for 2016. We will put this Extreme Team car to work at Orange County Fair Speedway and see what we can do.”

Extreme Kleaner/Extreme Energy Solutions resigned with Ron Constable, from Lafayette, New Jersey, as a returning sponsor for the 2016 season in support of the #49 Team Froggy Machine, another regular at the OCFS. Constable ranked 4th in the Street Stock Division and 2nd in the Street Stock Crane Series at the 5/8 Mile Hard Clay Speedway in 2015.

Extreme Energy Solutions plans to expand its program in 2017, in hopes of introducing the Company’s product lines, Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments and E-Missions Automotive Intelligence/E-Tech Performance, to the regional racing and automotive community, as the company plans to support Tommy Vigh Jr. behind the wheel of a car in the 358 Modified Division, while also putting a second car on the track at Accord Speedway.

“Racing is just as important to our marketing efforts as it is to our research and development of our current and up and coming product lines. It reminds us how to stay competitive, furthering our vision for the next innovation to include into our Company’s product offerings. The racing community understands the concept of a work in progress, and is a perfect place for getting a feel for how consumers will respond to our new products and services,” Burlum concluded.


“Extreme Kleaner Glass, Tile and More Now Available”

July 6, 2015 Paterson, New Jersey

Extreme Energy Solutions continues to roll out innovation after innovation as it formally introduces its next product, Extreme Kleaner Glass Tile and More Cleaner-Degreaser; offering its product on-line and at selected retailers.

I used this product all over the bathroom and had great results. It took off, all of the black mold off the corners of a tile shower. It also easily wiped away all soap scum and dust. It also worked very well cleaning the oven and stove. I am very happy to be using a 100% biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning product in these areas. Thanks Extreme Kleaner,” added Austin Eames.

Extreme Kleaner recently received endorsements from New Jersey Stock Car driver Ron Constable and by Schmitty the Weather dog.

“I have personally used the product for cleaning up the race car and our tools, and I have to say that Extreme Kleaner is a great product. Before accepting the sponsorship deal, I wanted to make sure the product really worked. To my surprise it is the best product I have used in cleaning the dirt and grime after a night of racing at the dirt track,” Constable contributed.


Spring Cleaning with Earth Day in Mind

April 1, 2015 Madison, WI

Story originally written by Lauressa Nelson, freelance writer and contributor to Natural Awakenings Magazine. 

Earth Day is Earth Day is conveniently celebrated in a great month for spring cleaning, which gives us good reason to comb through our cabinets and reevaluate our cleaning supplies. Many of us are interested in nontoxic cleaners to ensure the safety of our families or to shield them and ourselves from respiratory irritants that contribute to allergies and asthma. Some also consider the bigger picture; the impact of the household products that we washdown our drains and flush into our water supply. Yet, we also value effective cleaning ability and affordability, and finding products that fit the bill is often challenging.

“The younger generations today have grown up with green culture; it’s engrained in them, part of their being,” explains Samuel Burlum, CEO of Extreme Energy Solutions, makers of Extreme Kleaner, a biodegradable, nontoxic, all-purpose cleaner/degreaser available through and at Ace Hardware and True Value Hardware stores in Madison area.

“They are more conscious and aware of the impact of their buying choices and how they affect the environment around them.”

Consumer voices are making a difference. Mintel, a Chicago-based market research company, noted that the green cleaning category quadrupled its sales between 2003 and 2008, from $17.7 million to $64.5 million, and that the market share of eco-friendly cleaners has increased ten-fold since 2003, from 3 percent to more than 30 percent. Meanwhile, sales in the conventional cleaning category declined by 7 percent, when inflation was accounted for, between 2002 and 2007. This economic reality is certainly the driving force behind the development of eco-friendly cleaners by megacorporations and the private-label brands of big-box retailers like Wal-Mart, which introduced its Great Value Naturals line in November 2014.

As consumers that manage our households, we are smart to be concerned about the ingredients in the cleaning supplies we use. According to a 2011 article in Mother Jones magazine, nearly 75,000 chemicals have been introduced into consumer products and only about 5 percent of those have been tested for potential side effects and health risks. Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE), an organization that amplifies women’s voices to eliminate harmful chemicals, reports that cleaning product companies are not required to disclose their ingredients.

WVE commissioned an independent laboratory test for toxic chemicals in 20 popular cleaning products from the top five companies in the industry: Clorox, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, SC Johnson and Son, and Sunshine Makers (Simple Green). They found undisclosed chemicals linked to reproductive toxins, carcinogens, hormone disruptors and allergies. WVE offers tips and provides the names of “No Secrets” companies, those that list all the ingredients in their cleaning products, right down to the fragrance.

Burlum says that toxic ingredients excluded from Extreme Kleaner’s formulation are often found in other cleaners. The company’s Product Comparison Sheet, which lists those ingredients and their known risks, can be found at

Fortunately, third-party consumer advocacy groups and certification programs help consumers make better choices. The Environmental Protection Agency offers a Design for the Environment stamp of approval, and the nonprofit GreenSeal, in existence since 1989, uses science-based programs to empower consumers to create a more sustainable world and offers an accreditation using international guidelines for environmental labeling programs. NSF International is an independent, accredited consumer protection nonprofit that develops standards and tests and also certifies and audits consumer products and systems to protect and improve global human health and the environment.

Rather than grabbing the first household cleaner labeled “green” from the grocery store shelf, consumers should check products for both ingredients and third-party verification of their safety for people, pets and the environment.

See the original store here.

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. is located at 150 Main Street, in Ogdensburg, New Jersey. For more information, visit For more about Sam Burlum, visit

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Extreme Energy Solutions’ Popular New Green Cleaning Product, Extreme Kleaner, Is Now Available In Oregon And Wisconsin Locations

Extreme Kleaner, A Non-Toxic, Biodegradable All Purpose Cleaner Is Gaining Popularity Quickly And Is Now Offered in True Value and Ace Hardware Stores In Portland, Oregon and Madison, Wisconsin

Extreme Kleaner, a powerful new green cleaner is quickly appearing on the shelves of selected hardware stores, local retailers, and on-line shopping platforms due to its rising market demand. Extreme Kleaner is a new non-toxic, all purpose cleaner-degreaser that is biodegradable and safe to use around children and pets. This popular new eco-friendly cleaner is offered by a small environmental company based in Ogdensburg, New Jersey, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc.

Extreme Kleaner is gaining popularity quickly in the North East where it is manufactured and is offered in several True Value and Ace Hardware stores as well as various other retailers in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

And now, two Hankins True Value stores in Portland, Oregon have adopted the non-toxic cleaner, for offering to its customers. Hankins True Value located at 1720 SE Hawthorne Blvd has stocked the first round of Extreme Kleaner in a cardboard display complete with signs and brochures, while the Hankins True Value located at 3942 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd has also stocked the bottles on their shelves for purchase.

The popular green cleaner made its jump to the west coast when Extreme Energy Solutions Business Development Consultant, Barry Smith introduced the product to the True Value stores in Portland.

Smith was excited to see a product he uses every day deployed in his home state and noted, “My congratulations to Lois Hankins of Hankins True Value Hardware in Portland, Oregon. Lois owns two True Values in Portland and is very pleased to offer our Extreme Kleaner to her “green” patrons. I’ve never met a nicer, more dedicated person than Lois. She embodies the finest attributes of hard work and is dedicated to giving her customers the best service. True Value can be very proud of this partnership. Welcome aboard!”

Extreme Kleaner is also making its impact in the upper Mid-west, where the product can be found on the shelves of Ace Hardware Stores located in the Hilldale section of Madison, Wisconson and in Sauk City. Dorn True Value Hardware stores located on Midvale Ave in Madison and in Oregon, Wisconsin have offered the product on their sales floor for just over two months, and have done so with success. Extreme Kleaner has been featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine in the Southern Wisconsin/Madison territory, spurring off positive sales reviews in the area.

In fact, Extreme Kleaner has been receiving a warm welcome by consumers and retailers wherever it has been introduced. This could be because several similar products available in stores today are labeled “green”, yet still contain one or two toxic chemical ingredients.

Extreme Kleaner raises the bar by being 100% environmentally safe, completely bio-degradable and non-toxic. It is completely safe to use around pets and children which gives health-conscious consumers the peace of mind they desire.

And unlike many eco-friendly cleaners, Extreme Kleaner works exceptionally well at cutting grease, dirt and grime. It is ideal for almost every household cleaning chore and is also used in industrial and commercial applications with spectacular results as well.

“I sprayed the area with Extreme Kleaner, placed the shirt in the washer, and after the cycle had completed I pulled the shirt out of the washer and like magic, the black shoe polish was gone!” -Kenneth Newton, Jacksonville, FL.

Company representatives agree that quality control has been a big part of the growing marketing success. The product has been evaluated by the National Sanitation Foundation and has been deemed safe for use in food areas with NSF registration number 147501. It has an official listing in the NSF database with the category designation A1 and A8. The popular nationally syndicated TV program, Today In America with Terry Bradshaw has even featuredExtreme Kleaner and Extreme Energy Solutions on one episode of their program.

Another nice quality of this green cleaner is that it is made in the United States. Samuel Burlum, President and CEO of Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. has initiated a strict “made in the USA” policy to help promote local job and economic growth. The cleaner is made and packaged in New Jersey, just down the road from the head offices of Extreme Energy Solutions.

Extreme Kleaner is offered online through the product’s website, as well as in the buy green cleaner section of Many customers in the North East can grab a bottle at their local True Value or Ace Hardware store, and now due to the rising demand, people in Portland, Oregon and the Madison, Wisconsin area can do the same.