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New Jersey Green Tech Company and their CEO Samuel K. Burlum Step Up to Assist Veterans in Need of Support

Project Help
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April 1, 2016, Sparta, New Jersey

Source: New Jersey Green Tech Company Extreme Energy Solutions and their CEO, Samuel K. Burlum, pair up with Project Help, to assist homeless and disabled Veterans and their families in need.

According to the United States Department of Housing (HUD) estimates over 47,000 Veterans in which formally served their nation go without on any giving night, which are just the Veterans in which Federal and State agencies can account for. There are countless others in which are completely off the radar because they do not receive any benefits of any kind for their service.

Sandy Mitchell, Director of Project Help, recently organized a team of community leaders, students, and individuals from the business community to combine resources in combating the issue of Veteran Homelessness. Among the founders and partners, are Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., and their CEO, Samuel K. Burlum.

Extreme and Burlum have been known for helping other Veteran Causes including Save A Warrior, Wounded Warrior Project, Salute to Our Vets and other fundraisers held by the Spirit of the Arts Foundation aimed at providing resources toward homeless and disabled veterans. Extreme once again steps up to the plate in helping Project Help.

“One of our most serious social issues we have today, is how we treat Veterans after they sacrifice their lives for our freedoms and put their lives on the line in protecting our country,” contributed Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., “We need to take better care of our Veterans if we are to have a strong military.”

“If we do not care for our Veterans, the message rings clear that we have no respect for those whom fought with their lives to protect our freedoms; it is demoralizing and a matter of national security.”

Burlum and his company is now a fellow founder in the organization and contributor in providing some of the seed resources in moving Project Help forward.

“I am super glad to be working with Samuel Burlum and his team,” added Sandy Mitchell, Director of Project Help, “He has proven to be an asset to other non-profit organizations, and we work well together.”

Mitchell and Burlum served together on the Board of Directors of the former non-profit organization, Spirit of the Arts Foundation. Burlum was named Treasurer for the Project Help Board of Directors.

Project help is a support mechanism for homeless veterans and their families whereby the can stop at any one of the SOSvets Closets, by Catholic Charities, in four counties so far, and take whatever clothing and items they need at no cost to the Veteran.

The organization has a network of individuals whom donate their services to Veterans in need. This network extends their expertise from seamstresses/tailors to beauticians and counselors.

Project Help is on a constant mission to gather up collections of items for men, women, and children, including but not limited to, such items like baseball caps, shorts, tee shirts, underwear, socks, diapers, sun screen, toiletries, handi-wipes and diaper wipes, shoes and business attire, for redistribution for these men and women and their families whom may be less fortunate.

Aside from accepting donated items at one of the authorized drop sites, Project Help also looks to host a number of fundraisers, with the proceeds being forwarded to one of their project partners which utilize these funds in getting Veterans off the streets. 100% of these proceeds are made available to Vets and their families with no administrative fees or cost taken by Catholic Charities.

In addition to Extreme Energy Solutions, of Ogdensburg, New Jersey; Project Help has partnered with the Mt. Olive High School, Decorus Film & Photo, the Lions Club, American Legions, surrounding area VFW’s, and Catholic Charities have committed in assisting Project Help with its mission.

Project Help offers multiple options on how an individual, business, and/or a community organization can contribute in raising awareness and resources for Veterans in need. One of the ways one can help is by making a simple donation to one of the drop locations of items on the requested list. Another is that a business and/or an organization can request to set up a community event, including a tricky tray or 5k run; set up a collection day; special event day with entertainment; and/or charity concert.

Project Help offers many opportunities to assist Veterans. If you and your business/community organization would like to assist Project help you can call Sandy Mitchell at 973-875-2068, or reach out via email Project help are seeking Volunteers for a number of scheduled events and to assist in public awareness to the problem.

“One of the best ways a private citizen, whom did not serve in the military, can serve their nation, is to serve their and assist the nation’s Veterans,” concluded Burlum.

For more information about Project Help or to donate to Project Help, visit their website at


Extreme Energy Solutions New Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product, Extreme Kleaner a Big Hit with Consumers

November 9, 2014  Ogdensburg, NJ

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74395383_scaled_126x128Extreme Kleaner, a new eco-­friendly cleaner is appearing on the shelves of selected hardware stores, local retailers, and on­line shopping platforms and is making a big splash nationwide with new video advert that has audiences laughing out loud. This popular new household, commercial and industrial green cleaner is made by a small company from Ogdensburg, New Jersey, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc.

Extreme Kleaner, is a new non-­toxic, biodegradable, cleaner­-degreaser, uses a unique formula to address even the toughest dirt and grease and can also be used to help clean mold & mildew, rubber marks, and pet stains, kitchen equipment, car­ boat ­RV exteriors and interiors, and more. But as the old say goes, if it claims to be too good to be true well you know the rest.

So we decided to conduct some studies of our own to make sure the product could stand on its own merit. First the product was tested by the National Sanitation Federation (NSF), who evaluated the product and issued the manufacturer and supplier of Extreme KleanerExtreme Energy Solutions a certificate recognizing that the company complied with the NSF
registration guidelines for proprietary substances and non­food compounds. NSF gave the company the authority to bear the NSF mark on its product and marketing materials, showing that the green cleaner is safe to use around food areas.

NSF commented, “this product (Extreme Kleaner) is acceptable for use as a general cleaner (A1) on all surfaces in and around food processing areas, where it is not intended for direct food contact.”

Next we asked Beverly White, CEO and President of BKW Transformations Group to take a look at the product. BKW, located in New Jersey is a consulting firm that offers expertise and evaluations in the area of strategy, process, technology and organization transformation, and has extensive experience in these areas. BKW is also well known advocate for economic and environmental sustainability. We asked her to test Extreme Kleaner and tell us what she finds.

“I used Extreme Kleaner on my light beige carpet. It was great. After directly spraying on the soiled spot and let set for about three minutes, I used a light colored cloth to message the area. The spot was totally gone. I detected no odor which is important for my allergies,” claimed Ms. White.

Montclair TVWe decided to put the product to one more test. We ran into Elly McGuire, the author of Schmitty the Weather Dog, a childrens book designed to focus on getting kids excited about the science, technology, engineering, and math. Ms. McGuire agreed to try Extreme Kleaner for her own use. Elly, with her partner, Meteorologist Ron Trotta, and even Schmitty himself decided to give the green cleaner and degreaser a try.

“I cleaned the stain right with my dog sitting here. I would never do that with any other cleaner,” McGuire shared, “This stuff is like crazy good. This stuff, Extreme Kleaner, you should have it in your school, hospitals, your home, everywhere.”

McGuire provided an Extreme Kleaner testimonial video that showed just how effective the product was during her experience.

Extreme Kleaner was initially brought to market by Extreme Energy Solutions in July of 2012, and since has been offered on­line, in local New Jersey stores, and recently in larger chain stores.

The product can be found on,, and direct from the product website

2013 brought another big year for the product as it was introduced to local retailers in Sussex County, New Jersey, which played host to the first stores who offered Extreme Kleaner. PostNet, a general purpose printing, shipping and receiving outlet in Jefferson, New Jersey was one of the first to offer the product to its customers. Later it was joined by the Floor Store in Hamburg, NJ, and then one by one, other retailers would join the ranks. In addition to retailers, Extreme Kleaner has been sold direct to end users such as Arrow Fastener in Saddle Brook, NJ, Dunkin Donuts in Stockholm, NJ and restaurants in the Northern New Jersey area as well.

Dorn True Value Midvale CornerExtreme Kleaner soon became available in a number of True Value Hardware Stores, located throughout the tri­state area, including locations in New Jersey of Montclair, and Lincoln Park; Milford, Dingmans Ferry, Newfoundland, and in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; as well as Port Jervis and Goshen New York. And even stores in Madison, Wisconsin have joined the ranks of new distributors.

Extreme Kleaner has also been noticed by the press. Natural Awakenings Magazine recently featured Extreme Kleaner under its product spotlight segment in its October 2014 issue that covers southern Wisconsin readership. It was also highlighted on the show, Today in America, hosted and Narrated by NFL Football Legend Terry Bradshaw.

“We are pleased with the progress that Extreme Kleaner has made over the last few months,” commented Samuel K. Burlum; CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., “Selected True Value Hardware stores have been receptive to our program in providing a local delivery system for our product to expand our fan base reach. We are thankful for all of the True Values that have chosen to partner with us.”

The Ogdensburg, New Jersey Company and Samuel K. Burlum has been nationally recognized for its efforts in the green industry. It received the 2013 NOVA Award from the World Green Energy Symposium, at its New York City Conference. The Company and its CEO were also awarded a proclamation by the Passaic Valley Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 181 naming Extreme Energy Solutions as Passaic Countys 2013 Company of the Year in the area of Professional Environmentally Friendly Energy Products.

Extreme Energy Solutions was founded in 2008 and began as a third party research and development consulting service firm, later transitioning into a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of other green products. Extreme Kleaner is Made in the USA, by being manufactured and packaged in New Jersey. The company is also a large supporter of veterans, as many of their staff have served in the military.

Salute: Parsippany Pays Tribute at Festival Honoring Veterans

July 13, 2013  Parsippany, New Jersey

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Salute to Our Vet 1Despite the threat of rain, dozens of residents turned out for a special tribute to veterans Saturday at Veterans Memorial Park on Route 46 East.

Salute to our Vets is a two-day festival aimed at raising money for the nonprofit organizations N.J. Fallen Soldiers and Operation Chill Out, which aids homeless veterans. The festival also showcases free support services available for veterans.

Louis Antonacci, a World War II veteran, said the event helped provide him with valuable information.

œ”So far, I think (the event) is doing great,” Antonacci said.

The event also features family fun as such as prize giveaways, live music, games, arts and crafts, food and more than 40 vendors.

Salute to our Vets is sponsored by the office of the Mayor of Parsippany, Extreme Energy Solutions of Ogdensburg, Graphic Images of Budd Lake and produced by Spirit of the Arts Foundation.

“We must recognize and assists those that have sacrificed their lives in the name of protecting our freedoms,” commented Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, “they have given so much to our country and yet ask for little in return. We must make it a mission to help our Veterans in need.”

The event runs from noon to 7 p.m. on July 13 and July 13. Admission is $10 admission for adults, $5 for children and free for children under 7 and disabled veterans.

Extreme Energy Solutions Sponsors/Assists with Crime Stoppers 5k Run

September 9, 2012  Augusta, NJ

Syndicated from The Alternative

carousel_image_9736c80ad8c15d141202_8fbe2c8fb0536639273d_dsc_0443“Everyone’s a winner here, everyone crossed the finish line,” said Sussex County Sheriff Michael Strada Saturday morning, at the conclusion of the first Sussex County Crime Stoppers 5K/10K Run at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, to benefit the Sussex County Sheriff’s Crime Stoppers.

The Sussex County Sheriff’s Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization that helps lead to the arrest, and indictment of criminals, paying up to a $1,000 cash reward to the tipster. About an hour prior to the race start, a passing and strong shower briefly hovered over the area, and then cleared. The sun returned, along with some humidity, with an occasional passing cooler breeze.

“It’s good to see the sun,” Andy Ball of Main Street Marketing and Events, who organized the 5K/10K event. Ball, said both courses were USA Track & Field (USATF) sanctioned. The 5K started and ended within the fairgrounds, and the 10K on Plains Road, with the same finish line as the 5K. Within the park, Ball asked participants of the 5K to first pause before the race for a moment of silence to remember the victims of September 11.

“We want to thank all of our military, our veterans, and all those who passed on,” Ball said, and the crowd cheered.

The race then started moments at 9:30am, with the group taking off. The 5K was led by Samuel Burlum, CEO & President of Extreme Energy Solutions, driving in a Sidewinder ATV, a low emissions vehicle sold by his company. The 10K was led by a Sussex County Sheriff’s Car.

There were 54 participants in the 5K, and 51 in the 10K race. Out of the 105 participants, 65 pre-registered for the event.

Brian Thomas of Ogdensburg was the overall winner of the 5K, with a total time of 20:25.2, followed by Catherine Stone of Hardyston at 20:36.0, Philip Gely of Newton at 22:50.9, and Howard Condit of Vernon at 23:10.9.

In the 10K, Stefan Alvinsson of Sandystown, N.J. finished at 38:56.0, Jeff Staple of Aambury, N.J., at 40:27.1, and Bill Bosmann of Rockaway, N.J. at 40:27.1.

For complete results of both races, click here.

“I’m a lifelong runner, I’ve stayed with it, and it’s about doing something consistently,” said Thomas.

Overall, Thomas said, “I was really happy with the course.”

Stone, who was the first for the women at the 5K race, and second overall, said, “This is a nice race, it was really fast, and clean.”

Eileen Cawley, a personal trainer from Lafayette, was another 5K participant. She placed number 15 overall, and had a time of 28:50.7. She ran with her daughter, Emma, who placed first for females in the 12 through 14 age group, and came in 21st overall, with a time of 30:18.6.

Cawley explained, “I try to make sure to teach her [Emma] about healthy living. I tell her, ‘you don’t want to try to win a prize, you want to get your time from your first 5K, and try to beat it.’”

Janet Dashio of Sandyston ran in the 10K. She was one of three participants from the Department of Child Protection and Permanency (formerly DYFS). She raced with co-workers Michele Quinn, and Judy Connell.

“We’re supporting our sheriff’s department,” Dashio said after the race.

She described the air on the course as “heavy and humid” for the day.

It was Dashio’s third 10K, and she has run many 5K’s, she said.

Joe Farinella of Andover Township was the oldest registered participant at 73 years old. Farinella participated in the 10K, after having only started running at age 68. He has run in the Goofy Challenge in Disney, and the New York Marathon, among his accolades.

“I love running,” said the retiree from Picatinny Arsenal.

“We’ll see what happens today,” Farinella said before the race, describing his average time for 5K’s at “28 and change”.

For the 10K, Farinella clocked in at 59:12.9, coming in number 34 of 51 participants.

Trophies were handed out for the top participants, and then ribbons in blue, red, and white, for first, second, and third place participants in each category.

Strada said for anyone who was not present to receive their ribbon at the end of the race, to please contact Lt. Larry Beller at the Sussex County Sheriff’s Department at: (973) 579-0865, extension 2501.

Of the race, Strada told The Alternative Press, “It’s all about bringing the community out, and raising awareness for the Crime Stoppers Program.”

Richard Bunce, Hopatcong Councilman, and Chair of the Sussex County Sheriff’s Crime Stoppers, said the group is seeking more commissioners, and encouraged attendees to volunteer.

“It’s a very worthy organization,” Bunce said.

“I think it [the race] went really well,” Strada continued. “I think it will continue to grow.”

“I see a lot of families here today, I really appreciate it, we at the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office, really appreciate your support,” Strada told the participants before handing out the awards.

The Sussex County Sheriff’s Crime Stoppers 5K/10K Run was presented by Thorlabs. Other sponsors included: Adam Todd Caterers, The Alternative Press of Sussex County, Athenia Mason Supply, D&H Alternative Risk Solutions, Eastern Propane, Extreme Energy Solutions, Extreme Off Road, GBW Insurance, Glen Vetrano, Hardyston Township PBA Local 374, Jersey Gators Swim Team, Lakeland Bank, Madsen Construction, The New Jersey Herald, PSE&G, The Printing Center, R&T Nautilus, Royal Buick GMC, St. Clare’s Health System, Senator Steven Oroho, Sheriff Michael Strada, Subaru World of Newton, Sussex County Community College, Sussex County Fairgrounds, and Sussex County Imports.

For more information about Sussex County Sheriff’s Crime Stoppers, or to submit a crime tip click here to fill out an online anonymous tip form, or call in tips to: (973) 300-CRIME.