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2016 World Green Energy Symposium Focuses on the Importance of Clean Air, Water, Soil, Food, and Energy


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April 15, 2016, Washington DC

Source: World Green Energy Symposium puts the world on notice to focus soil and water conservation and preservation in the hopes that society will adopt best practices when it comes to healthier food production and cleaner energy.

2016 World Green Energy Symposium, this year held in Washington DC, at University of District of Columbia, at the University’s new energy efficient, award winning LEED facility, April 7, 2016. The WGES put back the focus on the core essence of life, the very building block to all of our existence, water; which affects everything else as humans we do. Once discussions about best practices on how to clean up our fresh water supply were revealed, the conversations turned to our need to focus on clean air, soil, food, and clean-green energy.

Four-time Emmy Winner, former Broadcast Journalist Jan Fox was the event’s emcee and opened the event at 9:30 am introducing special guest and speakers to the podium.

“We want to thank you all for coming today in attending this year’s WGES,” said Professor Robert Gallagher, Executive Chair of the World Green Energy Symposium as he welcomed all guests to the well-attended event, “We intend to share with you methods and ideas on how to solve some of our most pressing societal concerns as it regards our environment, economy, water air and water supply.”

Mr. Tommy Wells, Director of Energy and Environment, with the District of Columbia had first reported to the audience of attendees his findings and experiences at global meetings focused on climate change. Including in his address were factors and trends taking place in developed nations.

“In Europe, there are major metro cities now making policies to cut out the need of any fossil fuel sources, which is forcing the auto industry to change their products to meet these new standards,” shared Wells.

Dr. Sebine O’Hare, Dean of College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability & Environmental Sciences (CAUSE), University of DC, provided insight to sustainable food production and the need for micro food management. Dr. Sebine O’Hare and CAUSE were formally recognized in 2015 by the WGES as a NOVA Award recipient for their advancements in this field.

Ms. JoAnn Hill, and Ron Uba, both with the US Department of Commerce, throughout the day would present economic opportunities for entrepreneurs in the room seeking ways to grow their business in partnering with government to solve environmental issues and concerns. Together their department has been credited in providing millions of dollars in contract opportunities to small business.

The importance of clean air, soil and water conservation and better food growth methods was furthered by R. Sonny Ramaswamy, Director with the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, where he disclosed examples of working projects aimed at lessening our carbon footprint while meeting the needs of a growing population.

Mr. Michael Jones Bae, spoke about the future and how to harness future opportunities within the green tech, environmental, and energy industry sectors as he gave many words of inspiration for students and entrepreneurs attending the conference.

“Look to the future and do not focus on profits, focus on solving problems, and the opportunities to make a profit will reveal themselves,” Bae added.

Attendees also got a fresh perspective on how the US GSA is handling policy, budgets, and practices to green government building and how to maximize their use, presented by Mr. Kevin Kampschroer, Chief Sustainability Officer for US GSA. His expert panel walked attendees through one of the most extensive undertakings; to convert of one of the oldest GSA buildings in the country, into one of the most modern and energy efficient within its building class without compromising the buildings historical significance. Panelist dedicated time to explain the challenges of such and endeavor and how they overcame challenges to make this building a model for other to follow.

Mr. Paul Puckorius, wrapped up the day’s series of events with commentary directed toward water and waste management; where he lent his experience and expertise on ways we all can help in conserving water, and the importance to be mindful of this value resource.

Professor Gallagher recognized all of the past World Green Energy Symposium NOVA Award Honorees for their contributions to advancements in solving problems associated with environmental and energy issues, as he prepared to recognize the 2016 NOVA Award Class of Honorees.

“We are excited to add to our list of NOVA Award winners, entities and individuals whom have gone beyond the call of duty in improving our lives in the areas of the environment, economy, and energy,”

“They will join the ranks of past Honorees, an elite class that stands out among the many in our society which have taken visionary steps to solve our global warming and climate change issue,”

We have with us today former honorees including the City of Washington DC, CAUSE, City of Philadelphia, Drexel University, Dow Chemical, and Extreme Energy Solutions, among others who have demonstrated making steps and development of policies and technologies that lead us to protecting our environment and natural resources, while providing sustainable choices,”

The 2016 Class of Honorees included Ron Uba for his multiple years of dedication and commitment to environmental sustainability and for his ability to align entrepreneurs with public policy, thus spurring off millions of dollars in economic growth. The US GSA also received the honor for its innovation in testing and implementing new green technology, in what is now one of the most energy efficient government buildings in the entire country. The hosting site for the event, the University of District of Columbia was presented with an award for their continued efforts for urban planning that pushes for maximizing and recycling value resources such as water, air, food, and energy.

“This year’s World Green Energy Symposium seemed to focus on the basics, the fundamentals of what fuels our very existence,” contributed Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President, Extreme Energy Solutions, a green tech company located in Ogdensburg New Jersey, and scheduled presenter at the conference.

“There is a continuous theme, and that is that as a society if we can master the basics, the ability to solve environmental problems and concerns will come with more ease.”

“Since all of these elements influence technology, entrepreneurs needs to look to creating the next generation of innovation and products surround these key areas in order to be ahead of the curve,” mentioned Burlum.

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2015 World Green Energy Symposium Combines Policy Making-Industry, Offering Sustainable Economic-Environmental Solutions

March 21, 2015

Washington, D.C.

Source: World Green Energy Symposium recognizes current and former WGES Nova Award Honorees, whom have answered the call to bring public policy and technology together in solving environmental and economic challenges.

2015 World Green Energy Symposium, this year held in Washington DC, at University of District of Columbia, March 12, left no stone unturned in discussing energy, green technology, environmental policy, economic sustainability, as the event offered expertise from many market segments. From government to industry; schools of thought and students to community activist; answers to solve some of today’s most pressing concerns came from every corner of the gathering.

“We want to thank you all for coming today in attending this year’s WGES,” said Professor Robert Gallagher, Executive Chair of the World Green Energy Symposium as he welcomed all guests to the well-attended event, “You will find opportunities galore from industry to government, from schools of thought to community activist, you will not be disappointed by the options of answers you can gather from today’s offerings.”

Four-time Emmy Winner, former Broadcast Journalist Jan Fox was the event’s emcee and opened the event at 9:00 am introducing special guest and speakers to the podium.

Professor Gallagher first recognized all of the past World Green Energy Symposium NOVA Award Honorees for their contributions to advancements in solving problems associated with environmental and energy issues. Then Gallagher took a moment to recognize this, year’s recipient, Dr. Sabine O’Hara, Dean of College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability, and Environmental Sciences (CAUSE) of the University of DC.

“We are honored to add another member to class of NOVA Award Winners. The Current Class includes the City of Washington DC, City of Philadelphia, Drexel University, Dow Chemical, and Extreme Energy Solutions, among others who have demonstrated making steps and development of policies and technologies that lead us to protecting our environment and natural resources, while providing sustainable choices,”

“We are honored to present Dr. Sabine O’Hare and CAUSE with this year’s NOVA Award for their efforts in becoming a sustainable land grant site, being totally sustainable, including their construction of this campus,” Gallagher professed.

“We are honored to accept this award. This is not just my award, but a reflection of all of our staff, students, board, alumni, suppliers, and the rest of the individuals who supported our vision for our school,” Dr. O’Hare added, “The city supported our goals, which provided us the opportunity to be the only 100% sustainable University in the District.”

Tribute was paid in accommodations by a number of special guests who included Mr. James Lyons, President of University of DC, who welcomed attendees to the campus and to the event. He was followed by Margaret Singleton, Vice President of DC Chamber of Commerce; Tommy Wells, Acting Director, District Department of the Environment, Government of the District of Columbia; and then Dr. O’Hare wrapped up the morning session showcasing the series of steps CAUSE took to develop their sustainable campus.

The mid-day panel represented opportunities within federal government and presented case studies; steps and initiatives that government has taken to become even more-green, thus saving taxpayer money in the meantime. Panel was led by Mr. Kevin Kampschroer, from GSA who shared the agency’s green building practices; which including the usage of energy efficiency tech, LEED construction practices, and maximizing space.

Ms. Kristine Kingery presented what the Army is doing to become more environmentally friendly in managing its assets and bases around the world. Ms. Jo Anne Hill, with the US Department of Commerce, provided a discussion referencing contract opportunities available for Minority Owned Business Enterprises in the area of sustainability and environmental initiatives by the federal government. The session was concluded by Mr. Landon Van Dyke, with the Department of State, who shared the vision and ongoing practices by the Department of State in greening US Embassies around the world.

The afternoon full of workshops; discussions and question and answer sessions from a number of interests: new technology, transportation solutions, the use of big data to monitor energy usage and energy conservation, understanding public private partnerships were just part of the plethora of sessions one could choose from.

Two of the workshops that stood out were the discussion lead by Mr. Samuel K. Burlum, CEO of Extreme Energy Solutions, who presented a case study and examples about here and now available technology that could lower harmful toxic emissions from vehicles, including advancements made in this technology sector, and the importance of embracing the retrofit technology market. Burlum shared his vision of public policy measures that would allow for green technology to blossom. You can see the complete video at here.

Another well attended workshop provided insight on deploying sustainable technology to the continent of Africa. Panel, moderated by Ron Uba, Department of Commerce-MBDA; led by Mr. Ken Johnson, provided information referencing emerging economies within developing nations. Mr. Johnson discussed examples of countries within Africa who were struggling to meet the demands of water, energy, power, food supply, and alternatives currently being investigated to meet these needs.

Attendees casted their vote of satisfaction as the even came to a close, all leaving with valuable information and contacts from the event.

“There is still much work to be done in this field of practice,” Burlum contributed, “the areas of environmental protection, green technology, alternative energy, sustainability, and policy making that drives the markets to evolve are still very much in their infancy. If you compare this industry to the early days of the .com boom or the early days of the information age, you can see the ‘green industry’ is following those same trends,”

“There are other drivers to the movement of environmental sustainability, which I believe one of them is generational. There are far more X, Y, and Millennial generation individuals who were cultured with a sense of environmental regard for the planet than the previous generations. These generations who grew up with recycling in the classroom; earth day celebrations; they were the generations who have embraced most of the green technology we have today; so it is no surprise that we are seeing large growth in this area. As they exercise their purchasing power, and combine that with their life style habits, you get a demanding market segment who wants more organic and green choices. It’s a trend companies like our welcome in the near future,” mentioned Burlum.

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Professor Robert Gallagher and 4 Time Emmy Winner Jan Fox lead the 2015 WGES Event, which included Speakers and Guest from Industry and Government.

Extreme Energy Solutions Representatives were on hand to provide answers on how to lower harmful vehicle emissions and shared ideas on how to increase fuel efficiency.

Dr. O’Hare seen here with Mr. Lyons, Mr. Wells, Ms. Singleton, and Professor Gallagher, as Ms. O’Hare and CAUSE were honored with the 2015 WGES NOVA Award

Extreme Energy Solutions Honored by Passaic County Lodge

September 4, 2013  Ogdensbug, New Jersey

Syndicated from The Advertiser News South-

photo of award 1 (2)Extreme Energy Solutions recently was honored with an aknowledgement and official proclamation recognizing the company as Passaic County’s 2013 Energy Solution Company of the Year in the professional area of Environmentally Friendly Energy Products.

The award was given by the Passaic Valley Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 181, and was signed and presented by Lieutenant Joseph Sferruzza, president of the FOP Lodge.

“We are truly honored and appreciate this recognition,” Burlum said. “Our team has worked very hard and dedicated themselves to be an asset to the community and to the industry. We were surprised to get the phone call and notification that we were considered for the honor.”

Other companies whom also received the honor for 2013 were Goldman Sachs and Turner Construction.

“When an organization has recognized your firm’s contribution and has put you in the category as the Goldman and Turner, you know your team is moving in the right direction,” Burlum said.

The Proclamation and Award was signed on July 24, 2013, and presented delivered shortly thereafter to the Extreme Energy Solutions Facility.

This is the second time Extreme Energy Solutions was recognized for its contribution to the industry and community. Early in 2013, Extreme Energy Solutions was honored with the 2013 WGES Nova Award, presented by the World Green Energy Symposiums Executive Chair, Professor Robert Gallagher, at Hunter College in New York City. Extreme has been recognized for its innovation and contributions to lower harmful toxic vehicle emissions and innovative business model.

You can visit for more information,

Smart Emissions Reducer Now Available at Local GMC/Buick Car Dealership

straub GMC Buick...Straub GMC/Buick (aka Straub Motors Inc. in Keyport, NJ) has teamed up with Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. (Ogdensburg, NJ), to offer the SMART Emissions Reducer as a part of Straub’s aftermarket services program. Straub has recently became an Authorized/Certified Installation Facility for the SMART Emissions Reducer; a device which offers emissions reduction and fuel economy benefit. Tech Department Staff from Extreme had spent two days with the Straub Service Technicians, teaching them how to properly install the device, while also explaining the science principles behind the SMART Emissions Reducer’s form and functionality.

Straub Motors is no stranger to innovation in the transportation sector. They have also incorporated into their business model the sales and service of GEM electric vehicles. The GEM line consists of light duty electric vehicles for both light duty and light passenger use in a limited range capacity. They also offer many aftermarket upgrades for both new and used vehicles, including vehicle electronics upgrades and snow plows.

“Straub and Extreme are a good fit as project partners,” said Fuel Economy Expert, Michael Holler, who is also Tech Consultant for Extreme Energy Solutions. Holler is also the author of “The Ultimate Fuel Economy Book.”

“Straub and Extreme pride themselves on dedicated service and knowledge capital,” Holler continued, “It was an honor and a pleasure to work alongside well qualified and certified technicians who share a passion for innovative technology and understand its importance. We are excited about this opportunity on many different levels.”

Straub Motors will begin their launch of officially offering the SMART Emissions Reducer to local and regional markets on Saturday, March 23, 2013. Straub will be able to not only install the device for those who have made purchases online from Extreme direct, but they will also offer the device to Straub clients who visit for vehicle service, and offer the device as an upsell to new and used vehicle purchases.

“We at Straub Motors take this opportunity very seriously. We have a great concern for the environment and support every effort to reduce vehicle emissions. Now that we can offer the Smart Emissions Reducer, our customers can reduce their tailpipe emissions! Like the ad says “Go Green with the same machine”, commented Remsen Straub, who is Dealer Principal and partner, who also authorized for the SMART to be introduced through his facility.

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. CEO/President, Samuel K. Burlum, said that he was looking forward with Straub Motors.

“Working with Straub is a fruitful model in offering the SMART Emissions Reducer with vehicle owners. This program makes it more convenient for vehicle owners to obtain a SMART device, from a branded neighborhood icon people already know that have a record in offering quality service. We are here to support Straub’s success,” Burlum offered.

Successful programs in other regions of the country using the SMART Emissions Reducer include the municipalities of Winnebago County Highway Department (IL) who have already signed a contract to continue to retrofit their fleet, and City of West Palm Beach (FL), who has been testing the device since 2011. The SMART Emissions Reducer is the only engine modification permissible by the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission, and is currently being utilized in a trial program, recently launched in partnership with the Philadelphia Parking Authority.”

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., was recently featured on Today in America, hosted and narrated by Football Legend and Sports Commentator Terry Bradshaw. Extreme will also be highlighted at the World Green Energy Symposium, this year held at Hunter College, in New York City, March 26, 2013.

For more about SMART Emissions Reducer, visit the website, or or call 973-209-3450. You can also visit Straub Motors at

Extreme Honored with 2013 WGES NOVA Award

March 27, 2013  New York City, NY

DSC_7491The World Green Energy Symposium (WGES) 2013, this year at Hunter College in New York City, offered a reel of environment, technology, energy, and economic experts who hailed from the private sector, government, and educational institutions. The day began with the Opening Ceremony, lead by Frank Basile, Metropolitan Opera Performer, who sang the National Anthem, during the presentation of the American Flag. Professor Robert Gallagher, Executive Chair of the World Green Energy Symposium, welcomed the many attendees and speakers to the event. He also lead in recognizing the efforts of leading entities and/or individuals who are making a significant contribution in improving the quality of life through economic and environmental sustainability.

There are a few people here today who have made a major difference in many people’s lives by addressing environmental concerns,” Gallagher began, “The first person and company I want to recognize is a company who begun in a local garage, taking their talents from the automotive performance industry, and began to put those skills to work in solving one of society’s most pressing concern; mitigating harmful emissions that are result of our use of fossil fuels.”

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., lead by a bright young man, Samuel K. Burlum, their CEO, have developed many solutions to bridge the technology that we are using today, current internal combustion engines powered by gasoline and diesel, including a hardware component that is a simple retrofit, a here and now solution, that will aid toward the transition to the green fuels and vehicles of the future.”

Samuel K. Burlum is the next Steve Jobs, and Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., is the next Apple, but of in the green technology industry,” added Professor Gallagher.

WGES Logo“I am humbled and honored in accepting the NOVA Award on behalf of Extreme Energy Solutions Inc.; on behalf of my staff, my Board of Directors, our shareholders, and our clients alike. As a society we need to accept that some of the best game changing solving solutions can come from smaller entities,” commented Samuel K. Burlum, during the acceptance of the Award, “In forums such as this, policy makers, inventors, individuals from the business community, and people from schools of thought, need to continue to work together so we can bring value back to main street. We commend Professor Gallagher and everyone in attendance today, who have committed themselves in making a difference.”

Following the presentation of the 2013 WGES NOVA Award to Mr. Burlum, was a presentation to a second individual making a difference on another level. Professor Robert Gallagher also presented the 2013 WGES NOVA Award to Father Philip Judge, a priest who instituted a complete sustainability plan within his parish, that took all of the facilities under his direction, in the green direction. This included a solar project, urban garden project, renovations utilizing building materials from recycled materials, and managed to undertake the project without any funding from the Catholic Church Consolidated System.

When asked why Extreme Energy Solutions chosen for the 2013 WGES NOVA Award, Professor Gallagher responded, “Extreme Energy Solutions was chosen on its potential impact on reducing emissions from existing gasoline and diesel engines that currently comprise the majority of vehicles on the road today. The SMART Emissions Reducer is a cost effective retrofit that provides an immediate solution for today’s environmentally conscious consumers that are looking to reduce these harmful emissions while benefiting from better fuel economy.”

Past recipients of the Nova Award have included DOW, Drexel University, and the City of Philadelphia for its GreenWorks Program.

Later Mr. Burlum, lead a panel discussion that served as platform in sharing strategies on taking a grass roots technology into a main stream market. In the presentation, Burlum demonstrated the positive benefits of such grass roots innovations and the impacts they can have on effecting harmful emissions levels, fuel consumption, and job creation. Burlum is no stranger to the WGES Circuit. In 2012 Burlum presented answers for those looking for transportation solutions, and was teed up on a panel discussion with Akili West, President Reclamation Energy LLC, who together offered a back to basics technology as a way to transition from current fleet challenges of today to cost effective innovation and infrastructure of tomorrow. Burlum has also spoken at the Sustainability Summit (2012 in NYC), discussing innovative green supply chain development.

“The WGES Forum focused on sustainable energy technology as well as innovations in existing technologies as the vantage point in the new economy for creating and maintaining jobs, contract opportunities and exporting prospects all leading to economic vitality and a healthier planet.” stated Professor Gallagher, Executive Chairman of the WGES.

“The 2013 WGES NYC Forum was a one day fully packed program where you met opportunity face to face as it attracted the top experts who unveiled programs and contracts in the billions of dollars. You will saw firsthand a selective top group of innovative technologies and products for energy savings in usage,” added Professor Gallagher, “the program is always quality driven with your success in mind to not only help the environment but to also harness associated economic benefits.”

The World Green Energy Symposium is a forum that brings scientist, government leaders, policy makers, economic and environmental organizations, tech and energy companies, and folks from the schools of thought to get together and sit at the table in sharing ideas and presenting solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges in energy, environment, and economic policy. The WGES is in its fourth year, having a previous presence in Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

“Having the WGES in our own back yard was a win. New York is a great city, where the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission recognized our flagship product, the SMART Emissions Reducer, permissible for use by vehicles under their rule making. It makes a big statement that a worldly forum and the first agency to recognize our company’s value creation can come together in such a short period of time,” continued Burlum.

“This forum also allowed for us to present additional bragging rights about our launching of other successful projects, including with the Philadelphia Parking Authority SMART Emissions Reducer Trial Program, and launching of the flagship product available through selected Car Dealer Service Centers, including with Straub GMC/Buick, in Keyport, New Jersey just a short few weeks ago.”

For more about World Green Energy Symposium, visit the website

Ogdensburg Company to Help Philly Go Green

March 12, 2013  Ogdensburg, NJ

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ppa120The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) is attempting to become more environmentally friendly, while saving some green at the gas pump, with their vehicle fleet. A selected group of PPA vehicles have been chosen to be retrofitted with the SMART Emissions Reducer as a 90 day study, to see if the SMART Emissions Reducer will help the PPA lower harmful emissions of vehicles they already have on the road.

SMART Emissions Reducer offers the side benefit of fuel savings, assisting the PPA in some budget relief at the fuel pump. The trial began on March 11.

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. of Ogdensburg and Corporate Partner SMART Air Fuel Saver LLC, has dispatched their top technical team to handle the initial installation of the devices.

Overseeing the project is John Primerano, Regional Representative for Extreme and Ken Henshaw, Fleet Manager for the PPA. Both teams will monitor the performance of the SMART device from an administrative and technical perspective, with input from the PPA, where officials will report back their fuel economy results.

Primerano, with Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., says, “Should the vehicles experience the expected lower emissions and fuel savings numbers, as the SMART devices have delivered in the past, it would be a major win for the City of Philly to have technology that can deliver real green benefits and aid in reducing City budget costs”. Primerano is also a resident of Philadelphia.

At the conclusion of the testing, emissions and fuel economy data will be reviewed. Upon completion of the review, the PPA will have an option to explore retrofitting their remaining fleet vehicles.

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. CEO/President, Samuel K. Burlum, who also is the Vice President of SMART Air Fuel Saver LLC, said that he was looking forward in partnering with the City of Philadelphia in testing the SMART device.

“Our company is confident that the trial program will demonstrate positive results for the PPA, and are proud to partner with an agency that has taken the initiative to explore ways to lessen their carbon footprint, while saving taxpayer dollars,” said Burlum.

You can check out the behind the scenes interview with Samuel Burlum, PPA, and 1060 AM News by clicking here.

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., was recently featured on Today in America, hosted and narrated by Football Legend and Sports Commentator Terry Bradshaw. Extreme will also be highlighted at the World Green Energy Symposium, this year held at Hunter College, in New York City, March 26.

For more about SMART Emissions Reducer, visit, or or call 973-209-3450.