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Extreme Energy Solutions Inc.Extreme_Energy_Solutions
17 Main St. Unit B
Sparta, NJ 07871

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc Brings You Cutting Edge Innovation in areas of Emissions Reduction, Fuel Economy & Environmental Mitigation


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Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. delivers in-demand green energy products and services to an increasing customer base. Its corporate center in Sparta, NJ is expanding with in house executive offices, a research development and testing lab, an installation and service center, manufacturing and assembly facility, technical and professional training center, as well as an international warehouse and distribution center.

Samuel K. Burlum, the CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions notes: “We have built a team of talent, so that we can over deliver on our clients’ demands. We have an impressive professional team whom our clients, shareholders, and Board of Directors can be proud of.  We welcome all the new members of the Extreme Team.”

Extreme Energy Solutions has several cutting edge green technology products to satisfy the increasing demand of the green energy sector. Here is a sample of their leading product lines:

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Smart Emissions Reducer

The Smart Emissions Reducer is a retro-fitted device that fits on any combustible engine. It enhances the combustion burning process, and in doing so, it lowers emissions at the source and increases the efficiency of the fuel burning process. It does this by the following process: The molecular structure of the gases are broken down, becoming electronically charged.  The electro-chemically charged gases burn more completely, causing fewer emissions, improving performance, and fuel efficiency.

Most, if not all other comparable products fit on the end of the tailpipe after the combustible process.  This often “chokes” engine performance and reduces efficiency. The Smart Emissions Reducer can increase fuel efficiency, horsepower and lower emissions, all at the same.

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Extreme Kleaner

Extreme Kleaner is a non-toxic, biodegradable eco-safe cleaner, degreaser for household, commercial, industrial, and Military use. It can even mitigate harmful emissions of Coal Firing plants, incinerators, power plants, factories and more! Extreme Kleaner:

  1. Safe for all surfaces including metals, stone, terrazzo, cement, tile, wood, plastics, vinyl, cloth, composites, and even carpeting. *Not meant for glass applications.
  2. Can be used for virtually every household task.  Its great for kitchen and bath, carpet stains, decks and siding, clean the grill, cleaning up after pets, and the family car.
  3. Commercial Use: can be used for cleaning schools, hospitals, truck trailers and buses, bridges and tunnels, corporate offices, airport runways, shopping malls, grocery stores, and more, leaving no harmful chemicals behind, odors, and is safe and easy to dispose of.
  4. Industrial Use: can be used for the toughest cleaning challenges and safe for the environment to absorb.  It is safe to use to clean ships and boats, and rinses clean into the water with absolutely no negative effect on aquatic life.
  5. Extreme Kleaner can even be used to mitigate dirty emissions of coal burning power plants, and garbage incinerators!
  6. Military Use: can clean tanks and equipment, flight decks and ships, mess halls, latrines, and housing for our brave men and women, who proudly serve our country.

Extreme Kleaner is available in 32 ounce spray bottles, 5 gallon containers, 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, or larger tanker (highway or rail) delivery available. Extreme Kleaner is the best all purpose cleaner that seriously means “ALL PURPOSE”. Tested by NSF, Extreme Kleaner is a non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-safe cleaner-degreaser that combats the toughest dirt and grime with less environmental impact.

Contact Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. today at:

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc.
17 Main St. Unit B
Sparta, NJ 07871

You can also visit the them online at www.ExtremeEnergySolutions.net, www.SmartAFS.com, www.SmartEmissionsReducer.com, www.ExtremeKleaner.com, www.SidewinderATV.com, www.SamBurlum.com

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