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Extreme Energy Solutions Unveils New Product Lines-Extreme Kleaner, Sidewinder

July 22, 2012  Ogdensburg, New Jersey

Syndicated from The Alternative Press-

Milford Grand OpeningRecently Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. unveiled its newest product lines on Saturday 14, 2012; announcing its release of Extreme Kleaner, a non-toxic biodegradable cleaner-degreaser; and the Sidewinder, a personal sport vehicle for light on road-off road use. Both products are made in the USA.

Extreme Kleaner is a non-toxic biodegradable cleaner-degreaser, that contains no VOC’s, and can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Extreme Kleaner was brought into the Extreme fold via a merger, and since the product and packaging has been improved to better serve the needs of multiple markets. Market interest found that there were many uses for this product. Extreme Kleaner is the official and only suggested cleaner for servicing the SMART Emissions Reducer. As a part of Extreme’s local job creation initiative, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc recently hired Bruce Dillon, as the Extreme Kleaner Product Manager. Dillon recently relocated back to NJ from Florida to lead up this project. More on Extreme Kleaner can be found at:

The Sidewinder is another great innovation from Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., from its Extreme Off Road LLC. division.harvest fest 1 The Sidewinder is a personal sport vehicle for light off road use, and can have on road use applications. The Sidewinder is a four wheeled vehicle powered by a small four cylinder Subaru gasoline engine. Sidewinder boost on its many safety features; including its five point safety seatbelt harness, complete roll cage, racing bucket seat, lighting system, and identity flag. Sidewinder is equipped with innovative steering and suspension features allowing for a more comfortable ride. SMART Emissions Reducer is standard equipment on the Sidewinder, making the Sidewinder environmentally friendly. Joining the Extreme Team is Brian Thomas, the Extreme Off Road LLC/Sidewinder Product Manager, relocating from Scranton, PA, to take on the challenge of market introduction of the Sidewinder. More information on the Sidewinder can be found at the website:

“I am very pleased that Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. continues to add value to our community via our expanding product lines. All of our products are made in the USA, and our continued efforts to focus the majority of the manufacturing of our products in our own back yard is important in demonstrating our role in local job creation,” commented Samuel K. Burlum, CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., “We are glad to have Mr. Dillon and Mr. Thomas join our team. Both individuals have jumped into their assignments with both feet, and have accelerated the market introduction of the product lines they each manage.”

EES headquarters 211Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. offers free demos for each product at its tech center, in Ogdensburg, NJ. To arrange for an appointment to demo the Extreme Kleaner or Sidewinder, call 973-209-3450. To meet with Sam Burlum, you can visit for his latest news.

Advertisements Celebrates Official Launch In Sussex County

July 18, 2012  Ogdensburg, New Jersey

Syndicated from The Alternative

ees board 1A group of more than 100-strong celebrated the official launch of the sites for throughout Sussex County Saturday at Extreme Energy Solutions’ world headquarters.

Al Cole, CBS Radio and Live 365 radio personality emceed the event, which included Samuel K. Burlum, CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Jennifer Jean Miller who is Managing Editor and CEO of The Alternative Press of Sussex County (a licensee for sites), and Michael Shapiro, Founder, Publisher, and CEO of

“We at are thrilled to be expanding to every town in Sussex County today under the leadership of Jennifer Jean Miller,” said Shapiro. “It also marks the beginning of an acceleration of our expansion as we license the site to entrepreneurs and journalists, and empower them to start their own online newspapers all over New Jersey and beyond.”Jennifer miller 2

In addition to shareholders and members of the staff and board of Extreme Energy Solutions in attendance, Miller introduced reporters and marketing consultants in attendance at the event who included: Danielle Nifenecker, Alley Shubert, Jeff Morace, Brian Thomas, George Leroy Hunter, and Jane Primerano (Sarah Schnurr, one of the news organization’s other reporters, was unable to attend the event).

Miller and Burlum also introduced current members of the Advisory Board: Richard Pompelio (founder of the New Jersey Crime Victims’ Law Center), George Graham (Stanhope Council President and Secretary of the Sussex County League of Muncipalities), Patricia A. Singer (Follow Me Social Media), and Thomas A Russo, Jr. (unable to attend the event, Russo is the Town of Newton Town Manager).

Mike ShapiroLocal government officials in attendance included: Graham, Sussex County Freeholder Parker Space, and Sussex Borough Mayor Jonathan Rose.

Prior to the launch of the site, attendees had the opportunity to network with one another over breakfast, and following, continue to network and lunch together.

After lunch, CEO/President of the firm, Samuel K. Burlum introduced members of the Extreme Energy Solutions Board of Directors.

Employees were also recognized for their accomplishments throughout the country, as well as provided reports about operations nationwide.

Company Board of Directors introduced included: Jay Wolff, Phillip Castelberg, William Lamb, and Mark Ringen. Regional Representatives introduced were: Mario Aldini, Phil Sherman, Bill Pereca, and Jeffrey Lamb. Barry Smith, and Thomas Sweeney reported on activities for the company’s operations in their regions. Other employees recognized were: Martha Sweeney (SMART Air Fuel Saver), and Roseann Turkington, Executive Assistant and Human Resources.

Burlum presented a donation from the company as well to the non-profit group, Spirit of the Arts Foundation, which helped to coordinate the event. Burlum is on the board of the Spirit of the Arts Foundation.

“This man doesn’t know the word, ‘cant,’” said Sandy Mitchell, Founder and Director of the Spirit of the Arts Foundation of Burlum.Sandy Mitchell 1

Some programs the Spirit of the Arts Foundation oversees include an anti-bullying program, and markets throughout the area, including one at the Sussex Airport.

Extreme Energy Solutions oversees companies including SMART Air Fuel Saver, Fleet Worx Leasing LLC, Extreme Off Road, LLC and products such as Extreme Kleaner and SIdewinder.

“The launch of The Alternative Press of Sussex County LLC is significant for the county,” said Burlum. “Residents of the community, local government, and the businesses in the area now have a platform in which they can get local news content in real time, thus providing for transparency in local government activities with local citizens.  Businesses now have a tool of communication that can be used to notify the public of special events and announcements with their audience. “The Alternative is a win-win.”

“This weekend gave Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. the opportunity to demonstrate value creation for its shareholders, clients, and concerned community interest,” Burlum continued. “Our shareholders were very pleased with the progress of our company; including the benchmarks achieved, and the accomplishments that have aided in the company’s success.  Our initiatives and announcements of job creation, that all of our products will be made in the USA; the majority of them made here in New Jersey, makes Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. a very valuable asset to the community it calls home.”

Al Cole CBS Radio Personality/Author Appearing at ‘Experts of Sustainability’ Extreme Energy Solutions Event Open House Events

July 9, 2012   OGDENSBURG, NJ

Syndicated from The Alternative Press-

Al Cole, CBS Radio and Live 365 Radio Personality and Author will be the emcee for a series of events in at Extreme Energy Solutions in Ogdensburg, NJ on Friday, July 13, and Saturday, July 14.

“I’m truly honored to be both a speaker and the MC of the exciting ‘Going Green With The Same Machine 2012’ event on July 13th and 14th,” Cole said.

Cole is known for his “People of Distinction” radio show. Click here to access his site. Cole is also a singer-songwriter and has a CD “Captivation! Music & Poetry For The Inspired”, Author of “Romance for Women…And For All Mankind”, and host of another radio show: “It’s All About Romance – With Al Cole”.

Cole will be speaking on Friday, July 13 as part of the “Experts of Sustainability”, including Michael C. Holler, Fuel Economy Expert & Automotive Industry Influence, and Beverly White President of BKW Transformations Group.

Cole will be discussing Community Engagement in relation to sustainability on July 13.

Cole, along with President and CEO of Extreme Energy Solutions, Samuel K. Burlum, was a keynote speaker at, and Communications Director for the World Green Energy Symposium in Washington, DC. Click here to see the World Green Energy Symposium Website and click here for The Alternative Press coverage of the event.

Of his passion for environmental stewardship, and sustainability, Cole said, “I truly believe that a better, more efficient use of energy will positively impact our environment and create a more sustainable economy. I believe that every member of our human family, regardless of background, will benefit from clean, affordable energy, and the creation of jobs resulting from this, will lead us into an age of a higher quality of life for all men and women.”

Cole is looking forward to his emcee appearance, and speaking engagement at Extreme Energy Solutions.

Samuel Burlum, who made an outstanding guest appearance on my talk show ‘People of Distinction’, is an industry expert in energy and a thoroughly well rounded human being,” said Cole. “I have the utmost respect for his associates as well as other participants in our wonderful upcoming event.”

Cole will also be the emcee for the official launch of all the sites for in Sussex County, on Saturday, July 14 at Extreme Energy Solutions at 11am.

Cole interviewed Michael Shapiro, Founder, CEO and Publisher of on “People of Distinction”, which first aired on Monday, July 9. Click here to listen to Cole’s interview with Shapiro.

“Look for great, informative and entertaining things on the 13th and 14th, everyone,” Cole concluded.

To attend the events at Extreme Energy Solutions on July 13 and 14, please RSVP to (973) 209-3450.

Extreme Energy Solutions is located at 150 Main Street in Ogdensburg, NJ.